Lucreția of Frăția Blocurilor Unite

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Lucreția I
Queen of Frăția Blocurilor Unite
Defender of the Faith, Head of the Army, Lady of Naoi,
Grandma of All, Băneasă of Enada,
Mare Băbenară of Iahim, Sovereign of Minecraft Blocks
Queen of Frăția Blocurilor Unite
Reign18 February 2018 - 18 September 2020
Coronation21 April 2018
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorConstanța I
Died18 September 2020(2020-09-18) (aged 90)
ReligionOrthodox Christian

Lucreția was a Romanian citizen and from 2018 until her death in 2020, she was the Sovereign of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks.

Personal life

Lucreția was born on April 21, 1930, on the second day of Orthodox Easter, and was the firstborn in her family. In the sacrament of Baptism and according to Orthodox tradition, the godparents determine the child's name, so she was given the name of her godmother, Lucreția.

Regarding her personal education, the Queen attended a public school, alongside children from all social categories. In addition to formal education, she received a different kind of education at home that instilled in her a deep sense of religious and civic duty, which is why everything she does is approached with seriousness and responsibility.

Regardless of her age, Lucreția maintained a youthful spirit, demonstrating love for those around her, treating everyone equally, and always displaying kindness and loyalty.


Although Queen Lucreția's reign was short, it was considered a peaceful one that provided an opportunity for the development of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks. It was a period in which the foundations of the Crown institution, as well as other state institutions, were established. Communication, collaboration, and mediation can be terms that characterize this reign.

Ascension to the Throne

Throughout history, the struggle for the position of head of state has always been fierce, and political confrontations were frequent, leading to political instability. In these circumstances, following the 11 February 2018 referendum on the form of government, the citizens of the FBU voted for a parliamentary form of governance, with the head of state having a symbolic role.

After the debates within the Șuetă, it was decided that Mrs. Lucreția, a popular figure in the community (with 83% popularity in polls), should be chosen as the new head of state. The proposal surprised her, but she modestly accepted it and promised not to express her political opinions and to remain impartial.

90th Jubilee

On April 21, 2020, Queen Lucreția would have celebrated her 90th birthday. This jubilee was celebrated grandly by the FBU community through a series of public and private events, decorations, street banquets, theater performances, and much more.

To commemorate this significant moment in the Sovereign's life, the Cabinet of Ministers created the "Queen Lucreția Jubilee Park" in Naoi (which later added a monument after her death).

Titles, styles and honours

  • 21 April 1930 – 18 February 2018: Her Excellency Lady Lucreția
  • 18 February 2018 – 18 September 2020: Her Majesty The Queen of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks

As the Sovereign, the full title was: ”Lucreția I, Queen of Frăția Blocurilor Unite, Defender of the Faith, Head of the Army, Lady of Naoi, Grandma of All, Băneasă of Enada, Mare Băbenară of Iahim, Sovereign of Minecraft Blocks”.


On the morning of 18 September 2020 (around 8 o'clock in the morning), the Royal Court Marshal announced that Queen Lucreția's health was fragile, without providing further information.

The lack of information gave rise to speculation among the citizens and the press. During the morning, two cars were seen entering the Royal Palace in Naoi, one carrying medical personnel and the other carrying the Primate Metropolitan. This activity at the Palace worried the population, and questions arose regarding Her Majesty's health.

At 12:00, the Royal Court Marshal issued a press statement announcing the Sovereign's death and the initiation of Operation "The Fall of the Titan". The operation refers to the process of royal funerals and the procedures to be undertaken by the state authorities. The code name was chosen because the Queen was considered a titan, a strong person for her age.

Due to the Sovereign's passing, the parliamentary elections were postponed to 8 November 2020, as they were originally scheduled for 20 September 2020.

From 18 to 19 September, the casket containing the lifeless body of Her Late Majesty was placed in the Throne Room of the Royal Palace, where religious services took place, and citizens were able to pay their respects to Queen Lucreția.

On 20 September, the royal funeral was held. The lifeless body was transported from the Royal Palace to the National Cathedral, where the Primate Metropolitan officiated the religious service together with the clergy of the Church.