Marshal of the Royal Wellmoorean Air Force

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Marshal of the Royal Wellmoorean Air Force is the highest rank in the Royal Wellmoorean Air Force, held by the Commander-in-Chief. Its equivalents are Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet and Captain General.

Marshal of the Royal Wellmoorean Air Force
Marechal da Força Aérea Real Wellmoorean
Rank Insignia of Marshal of the RWAF
Command Flag of the Marshal of the RWAF
Country Kingdom of Wellmoore
Service branch Royal Wellmoorean Air Force
Rank groupAir Officer
RankFive-Star General
NATO rank codeOF-10
Non-NATO rankOF-11
Formation16th of March 2020
Next lower rankAir Chief Marshal
Equivalent ranksField Marshal

Admiral of the Fleet

Captain General


The rank insignia consists of four narrow light blue bands (each on a slightly wider black band) above a light blue band on a broad black band.

Marshals of the Royal Wellmoorean Air Force wear shoulder boards with their service dress at ceremonial events. These shoulder boards show the air officer's eagle surrounded by a wreath, two crossed marshal's batons and a crown, as well as the current monarch's royal cypher.

List of Marshals of the RWAF

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