Master of Whisperers (Shorewell)

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Master of Whisperers of Shorewell
Coat of Arms of Shorewell

since 1 December 2017
StyleHis Illustrious Highness
ResidenceThe Whisperer's House
Term lengthAt His Imperial Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderUnknown
Formation1 December 2017
WebsiteGovernment Website

The Master of Whisperers, or The Whisperer, is the chief adviser to the Sultan in matters pertaining to intelligence and espionage. The Master is responsible for the gathering, investigating, and analysis of information in support of the Sultan and national security. The Whisperer remains the only political ad adviser of the monarch whose doings and conducts are kept as state secrets, and whose role is the most undefined and broad at the same time. While considered to be loyal to the Sultanate alone, even that simple loyalty is questioned by some. In a general sense, the Whisperer is considered the only key political figure who serves the country, and no specific ruler or polity.