Mektan Principality

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Mektan Principality
Mektan Fürstentum (German)
Flag originally was the Flag of the Irving Dynasty
The Flag
Motto: Lang Lebe Mektan (From German: Long Live Mektan)
CapitalMektan City
Largest cityZarnos City
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentElective Monarchy
• Crown Prince
Josef Flesichman
• Chancellor
Frederick Capell XII (at time of disestablishment)
LegislatureMektan Council
• Census
CurrencyMektan Plent (Not Decimal)

The Mektan Principality is a defunct nation which formed into the Fascist Empire of Zarnos. The Mektan Principality was a moderate right elective monarchy, which elected its chancellor from a pool of dynasties. The chancellor was elected by a council, of which the members were exclusively from those dynasties. The chancellor was re-elected when the previous chancellor died, abdicated, involuntarily abdicated due to illness or otherwise, or was deposed.


The Mektan Principality was originally a collection of small duchies and estates. These duchies where being threatened by larger kingdoms and they were being invaded. In response, the lords formed a council based in Mektan City to organise militaries for defence. They elected a Crown Prince to be the head of state and a chancellor to lead the council. The elected Crown Prince was Josef Flesichman. He was killed defending the Mektan Principality, and as a sign of respect, no Crown Prince was ever elected again, and Josef Flesichman remained the honorary Head of State, and the leadership of the nation was fully in the hands of the council. The first elected chancellor was Jebediah Irving.

Notable Dynasties

The Irving Dynasty: The Irving Dynasty was the first dynasty to have a member be elected as chancellor, Jebediah Irving. Because of this, the Mektan Principality uses the Flag of the Irving Dynasty as it's official flag. The Irving Dynasty was elected 8 times, the most out of any dynasty.

The Capell Dynasty: The Capell Dynasty had the last true elected chancellor before the disestablishment of the principality. The Capell Dynasty was elected twice, Frederick Capell VIII and Frederick Capell XII. The most notable was Frederick Capell XII as he was deposed because of fears that he was incapable and replaced with Charles Jackson.

The Jackson Dynasty: The Jackson Dynasty was elected 5 times. The most notable being Charles Jackson. Charles Jackson disestablished the Mektan Principality and replaced it with the Fascist Empire of Zarnos.