Minister of Education (Glorosia)

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Minister of Education
Department of Education
StyleThe Honourable
Member ofCabinet
Reports toPresident
NominatorNational Assembly
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
Formation28 January 2023
Unofficial namesEducation Minister

The Minister of Education, also referred to as the Education Minister, is a senior minister in the Government of Glorosia with overall responsibility for the Department of Education. The office is a member of the Glorosian Cabinet.


The education minister is one of the oldest ministerial posts in Glorosia. It was one of the first ministerial offices to be created and was formed on 28 January 2023.


The ministry has responsibility over governmental education policy and heads up the Department of Education.

The minister oversees policy concerning:

  • Teacher Recruitment
  • National Curriculum
  • School Improvement
  • Further Education
  • Higher Education
  • Oversight of School Infrastructure Improvement


The education minister is appointed by the President of Glorosia and serves at the president's pleasure. The National Assembly can also nominate candidates for office to the president.

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