Ministry of Internal Affairs (Aswington)

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Ministry of Internal Affairs
Agency overview
FormedJune 25, 2020
Jurisdiction Aswington
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (Spanish: Ministerio de Asuntos Internos) is the ministry responsible for civil registration and identification, organization of elections, application and supervision of policies on migration issues, among others. It is also responsible for security and civil protection matters in the country.


The functions of the ministry are:

  • The preparation and execution of government policy in relation to the general administration of citizen security.
  • The administration of matters related to citizenship.
  • The performance of the necessary actions for the development of the electoral processes.
  • The exercise of the legally attributed competences on civil protection.
  • The supervision and collaboration with local governments of the country in security and civil protection matters.


  • National Identification Office: agency in charge of citizenship procedures.
  • Aswington Electoral Council: agency in charge of the organization and conduct of elections, as well as the registration of political parties.

List of Ministers

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