Nation of Athens

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Nation of Athens
Flag of Nation of Athens
'Motto: 'Greek Ο θάνατος είναι άμεσος
English Death is iminent location
Official languagesEnglish, Greek.
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Supreme Commander-in-chief
Nathaniel Skidmore
Establishment4 November
• Census
Time zoneU.S. Central Time

The Nation of Athens is a micronation founded in November 2011. It has several allies in the intermicronational sphere, along with an established political system. The roughly 16 acres of land which it claims as its territory are located in the "Homested [sic] colonies" area of Texas and Oklahoma, with its capital city of Corinth being located in Harriet Creek Ranch, Texas.

The official languages of Athens are English and Greek, and its official religion is Christianity. A constitutional monarchy, Athens is led by its Supreme Commander-in-chief Nathan Skidmore.

Athens was recently at war with the United Nation Republic, the United Lands, and, but this was resolved peaceful negotiations with them.


The former Athens flag from 4 November 2011 to 5 April 2012.

The Nation of Athens was formed on 4 November 2011, when a constitution and other historic papers were made. Its first action as a nation was the signing of a treaty with Dylan of Dekker.

Athens was attacked almost as soon as it was founded. However, these attacks were stopped through negotiations with the invaders. Soon afterwards, the Spartan Party of Dekker declared war on Athens rendering the Dekker-Athens treaty invalid. Dekker then joined Freedomia and a new treaty was forged between Athens and Dekker. However, in late 2012, Dekker was disestablished, nulling the Treaty.

On 5 April 2012 Athens changed its flag for the first time in history. The flag removed the old olive branch and added three stars in the left hand corner, in honor of its three top officials.


The original constitution of Athens

The Athenian constitution has a preamble and 10 amendments, and was created on 4 November 2011.

National anthem

The National Anthem of Athens was created by Nathaniel Skidmore on 23 January 2012. It took approximately four hours to create and was edited by Patrick Knox of Homestead. Its name is Praise Be To Athens.

Honor the Nation of Athens,
In which I pledge my sole commitment.
To withhold the laws and regulations,
And love my country fruitfully.
I say all of this in Gods’ holy name,

I pledge myself to you, Athens.

Government and politics

The government system of Athens operates on the principle that the people should have some power, but not all power. This is typical in a constitutional monarchies. The current government officials are:

  • Supreme Commander-in-chief: Nathan Skidmore
  • Supreme Judge: Kaylea Stout
  • Commander of Defense: Dillon Duble
  • Representatives: Fernando Ruiz and Emily Skoglund
  • Treasurer: Dawson Street
  • Historian: McKay Cancienne
  • Immigrationer: Chandler Ellis
  • Mayor of Corinth: Jessica Bodily

Foreign relations

Athens has a peace treaty with Homestead and Dekker which states that the two nations are military allies and binds the two nations to the trade of supplies and mutual aid. The Athenian government claims to believe in peaceful relations and to use war only as a last resort. It currently has a cease-fire in place with the United Lands and has reached peaceful relations with the United Nations Republic.



The Athenian army is led by Dillon Duble, the Commander of Defense. It is planned that in 2016, soldiers currently being trained will be put 'on-call', meaning that they can be called up to fight at any given time. The Athenian government claims to have "many secret, powerful weapons that are essential in a war".

Joining requirements for the military include:

  • Pledging allegiance to Athens;
  • Being prepared to be called into war at any given time;
  • Having only one child; and
  • Having appropriate medical forms filled out.

Fringe Division

Fringe Division Logo

Fringe Division is lead by Dillon Duble and Nathan Skidmore. It was previously a secret organization, but is now the defense system of Athens. The headquarters of the Fringe Division is in the Athenian capital city, Corinth, and currently has 13 members.


Athens has a large number of imports due to their alliance with Homestead and Dekker. There are currently 7900 drachmas in circulation. However, the ninth amendment to the Athenian constitution permits only 100 drachmas to be printed when a new citizen joins. The Athenian government plans to shut down its currency market should a risk of inflation occur.

Principal locations

  • Corinth - the capital city of Athens and the home of the commander-in-chief.
  • The Hall Of Three - the capital building located inside the city Corinth. It is named for the first three people to hold the top positions in the Athens Government: Supreme Commander-in-Chief Nathaniel Skidmore, Supreme Judge Kaylea Stout, and Commander of Defense Dillon Duble.
  • Bugtussle Lakeside - the main vacation spot for residents of Athens.

National holidays

Date Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Day to celebrate the coming year.
15 January Election Day Supreme Commander-in-Chief elections.
24 January Election Day Results Results for Supreme Commander-in-Chief are released.
20 February Supreme Judge Day Day to celebrate the Supreme Judge. It is also the day when the first Supreme Judge was sworn into office.
27 February National Education Day Day that promotes education.
13 April Military Day In honor of the Athenian military.
14 May Off Day Workers' Day - a day of rest.
20 May Nathaniel's Birthday Elaborate feasts and celebration are held in honor of the first Supreme Commander-in-Chief.
1 August Day of Death Day in which the lives of those who have past over the year are celebrated.
4 November Day of Life and Freedom. Held to celebrate life and independence for Athens.
25 December Christmas Christmas Banquet in Corinth.
31 December New Years' Eve Festival in the Hall Of Three.


The Athenian government states that they believe that education should be honored, as it is mentioned in the Constitution. Education in Athens has 13 grades, with no kindergarten. This system is similar to the United States system, but the Athenian system is claimed to be more rigorous and challenging in an attempt to give children a higher level of education. Athenian children start First Grade when they are six years old, and are considered an adult when they finish the Omega (13th) Grade at the age of eighteen.

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