National symbols of Harcourt

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Flag of the Principality of Harcourt
Name The Princely Colors
Use Civil and State flag and ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted March 31, 2012
Design Two vertical stripes of Red and Yellow

The flag of Harcourt consists of two equal vertical bands of red (right hand side) and yellow (left hand side). The style of the flag is identical to that of the Papal States, and was chosen mainly due to the fact that the Vatican has been a major influence onHarcourt.


Greater Coat of Arms

The symbols and emblems used in the Harcourtian arms are as follows::

  • The Eagle: Harcourt's sovereignty
  • The Sheld Emblem of Harcourt
  • The Crown: Symbolizes the Prince and the Royal Family
  • The Sickle: Agriculture
  • The Hammer: Industry
  • The broken chains: Liberation from the American Empire

Current Symbols and Flags of Harcourt

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