New Pershing City

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New Pershing City
Kota Pershing Baru

Downtown New Pershing
Country Los Bay Petros
State New Pershing
Founded October 2009

Government City
Mayor Bimo Satrio Rumekso

Time zone WIB (UTC±7)

New Pershing City is one of the main cities in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. New Pershing City is the capital of the State of New Pershing. The city was founded on October 2009. New Pershing City is located in the middle of State of New Pershing. The New Pershing's current mayor is Bimo Satrio Rumekso.


New Pershing City has 3 districts, they are:

  • Downtown Pershing
  • Residential District (or Valcitaz)
  • Industrial District (or Yozmayi)