North Dutch Korea

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North Dutch Korea
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    Dutch:[Noord Nederlands Korea] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Motto: Ons bos, ons thuis (Our forest our home)
Anthem: "Volkerenlied" (Dutch)
"People's song"

Largest cityZuiderbos
Official languagesDutch
GovernmentOne-party state
• Head of State
Youri Koeman
• Premier
Ezra Yaraklas
• Independent from the Netherlands
2016-2018, 2021-Present
• Estimate
Time zoneCEST

The NDK, commonly known as North Dutch Korea (Dutch: Noord Nederlands Korea) is a self-proclaimed and unrecognized micronation located in the Netherlands. The micronation is 400x150 meters in size and has 6 residents, with as leader the 25 year old founder Youri Koeman, Great Leader of the NDK and formerly head of state of the now no longer existing micronations of the Blue Star Islands, the Taedong Enclave and the short lived nation of the Reformed People's Republic. Premier of the NDK is Ezra Yaraklas.


North Dutch Korea was founded in early 2016 by the then 20 year old Youri Koeman. For 3 years, he was head of state of North Dutch Korea (2016-2018) and the Blue Star Islands (2018 - 2018). From, the age of 24 to 25 he was Enclave Leader of Taedong (2019-2021), and for a week he was President of the Reformed People's Republic (2021-2021), to start again as Great Leader of his first micronation North Dutch Korea (2021-present).

Koeman discovered the term micronationalism at the age of 19, while browsing YouTube. There he found videos of the Republic of Molossia, the Realm of Calsahara and the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. He saw how people took a piece of land and declared it independent.

In the beginning, Koeman liked the idea, but saw nothing to do it himself. Until he made the choice at the age of 20 to give it a shot. The apartment where he lived was declared independent and was given the name North Dutch Korea. This micronation was a parody of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a country that Koeman is still a big supporter of today. When his friends asked if they could participate in the North Dutch Korea project, Koeman thought his apartment was too small for a 4-men country. So he declared a piece of forest within walking distance from his home the new territory of North Dutch Korea. The apartment where Koeman lived was turned into the Northern Dutch Korean embassy in the Netherlands. In 2018, the micronation fell into oblivion with the citizens and North Dutch Korea ceased to exist.

Koeman had the idea to create a new micronation, with a different territory and a different name. He discovered 3 small islands off the northern coast Antarctica and declared them independent. The name of these islands would be the Blue Star Islands. However, this micronation did not last long. After six months, the micronation was stopped again.

Koeman was 23 years old when he was thinking about another new micronation. This time it should not be a country of its own, but a part of an already existing country. Then, on April 29, 2019, he decided to name his apartment the Unofficial DPRK Enclave of Kim Dong, thinking he could be part of his favorite country, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 2 weeks after the foundation of Kim Dong, the name was changed to The Unofficial DPRK Enlave of Taedong, named after the Taedong River that flows through the Korean capital Pyongyang. The word Unofficial was also changed a week after the name change. The micronation would continue as the Self Declared DPRK Enclave of Taedong, or simply Taedong. Koeman decided to exchange his Dutch nationality for the North Korean, bought a DPRK flag and started the Taedong Youtube channel. This micronation stopped existing on June 20, 2021, after the foundation of the RPR.

Even the RPR didn't last long. When word came out that the ELM, the European League of Micronations, was planning to unify into 1 big country, Koeman thought he wanted to participate in that project, but under the name of North Dutch Korea, his first micronation ever.

North Dutch Korea uses a orange and blue flag with a blue star in a white circle. This flag was designed by Youri Koeman, the first and eternal leader of the NDK.


North Dutch Korea of not a very small micronation. It is split into 2 parts, Noorderbos (which is in the north of the nation), and Zuiderbos (which is in the south of the nation). Despite the fact that Noorderbos is the capital, Zuiderbos is the biggest city.


North Dutch Korea is an Christian micronation. The main religion is Calvinism, a religion that started after the Swiss reformation in the 16th century. Despite the fact that there are different types of churches within Calvinism (Hungarian Reformed, Christian Reformed, Liberated, Old Reformed etc.) there is only 1 church in the NDK, simply the Reformed Church. Other religions are allowed in the NDK, but they are prohibited from practicing their religion in public.


North DUtch Korea has since it's existence not been in 1 war. This was a war from 2017, were North Dutch Korea fought against the Republic of Astain, a micronation that was an old ally of the NDK. However, this war was never fought and was more criticizing each other and making bashing each other in front of others. The new constutition of the NDK states that war can only be waged if the home territory is in danger. Because the NDK is still de facto Dutch territory, it is also protected by the Netherlands. But just to be sure, the NDK has a army of 4 men. They are called the People's Army.


An important part of North Dutch Korea is the NDK Media Platform (NDKMP for short). This is an organization founded by the Great LEader of the NDK. The NDKMP owns all media in the nation. These are NDK TV (the only TV station) NDK Radio (the only radio station) and NDK News (the only newspaper). All media is managed and created by the Great Leader of North Dutch Korea.


The official currency of North Dutch Korea is the Euro. Almost all payments are made with this. Paying with other currencies is not possible.


  • North Dutch Korea is a strict Socialist state. It refers to itself as the micronational North Korea.
  • A letter was never sent to the Dutch government about the NDK being independent, therefore it is still de facto Dutch territory.
  • As far as is known, North Dutch Korea is the only micronation in the region.