Order of the Blue Wyvern

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Order of the Blue Wyvern
Ordem da Serpe Azul
Collar of the Order of the Blue Wyvern.
Awarded by the King of the Eminians
TypeDynastic order
Established18 December 2020
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterLouis Phillipe
GradesGrand Cross
First induction2020
Next (higher)Portucalense Order
Next (lower)Order of the Fleur-de-Lis

The Order of the Blue Wyvern (Portuguese: Ordem da Serpe Azul) is a national and dynastic order of knighthood of the Kingdom of Eminia. It is the third highest Eminian award, under the Portucalense Order and followed by the Order of the Fleur-de-Lis. It's current Grand Master is King Louis Phillipe of Eminia.


Precedence and privileges


Members of the Order

Grand Masters

Name Grand Master and Sovereign as Period
Louis Phillipe King of the Eminians 18 December 2020 – present


Name Nation Grade Date appointed

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