President of Aglaria

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President of Aglaria
Président d'Algarie
Colin Knight

since 26 November 2022
Executive Office of the President
StyleMr President (informal)
His Excellency (formal)
The Honourable (courtesy)
TypeHead of State
Head of Government
Member ofCabinet
ResidencePresidential Palace
SeatPort Ensbury
AppointerCongress of the Republic
Term length2 Years
Inaugural holderColin Knight
Formation26 November 2022

The President of Aglaria is the head of state and head of government in the Republic of Aglaria. It is the highest state office in the republic and the most powerful.

Powers and Duties

The powers and duties of the president include:

  • Proposing and Assenting to Legislation
  • Appointing Cabinet Ministers
  • Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
  • Guiding the Legislative Process in Congress
  • Declaring States of Siege and Emergency
  • Declaring War and Making Peace
  • Crediting and Receiving Ambassadors
  • Ratifying International Treaties
  • Passing Laws Through Executive Order
  • Setting the Cabinet Agenda and Chairing Meetings
  • Setting Congressional Agenda by Executive Directive


The president typically serves for a term of two years. The president is elected by the Congress of the Republic and candidates are required to receive an overall majority of all total votes in congress to win the presidency. Presidential Elections take place at the end of the outgoing president's term after legislative elections. Candidates are nominated by the parties who win seats in congress, and the incumbent president is typically renominated by their party.

List of Presidents

Presidents of Aglaria
Order Officeholder Term Party
1 Colin Knight 26 November 2022 - Present Independent

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