Federal President of Zeprana

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Federal President of the Federal States of Zeprana
Coat of Arms of Zeprana
Flag of the Federal President of Zeprana
Sydney Arliss

since July 24th, 2022
Member ofThe National Assembly
Reports toParliament of Zeprana
ResidenceAmesston, Zeprana
NominatorDemocratically Elected Post
Term length6 Years
2 Terms
Constituting instrumentThe Senate of Zeprana
Inaugural holderSydney Arliss
FormationJuly 24th, 2022
SuccessionPremier, then Cabinet
Unofficial namesPresident of Zeprana
DeputyPremier of Zeprana
Salary£2.5 Million Zepranan Pounds (Yearly)

The Federal President of the Federal States of Zeprana also known as the Federal President of Zeprana or simply The President is the Head of state (holds Head of government authorities) of the Federal States of Zeprana and is the Commander-in-chief of the Zepranan Defense Forces and the appointer of the Prime Minister of Zeprano-Arcadian Territories. The Presidency holds immense power within Zepranan political-life after its power grown significantly under the Administration of Terry McKeen III in the Federal Republic of Zeprana. After the Federal republic's Civil Conflict and collapse, the Presidency converted into the Federal Presidency, which holds far more power internationally and domestically than the originally Presidency of Zeprana. The Incumbent Federal President is Sydney Arliss, with the incumbent Premier being Terry McKeen III, one of the central founding fathers of the nation. The President and Premier are generally viewed as the two most powerful people in the nation, right ahead of the Prime Minister of Arcadia.


The Federal President is elected every 6-years through a General election in which all Natrualized citizens of Zeprana are eligible to vote, including those living abroad. Elections are held every six July's, with polls opening at noon time and results coming out and the winner being announced 12 hours later, at midnight. The incumbent president may stand for re-election to another six-year term however he or she cannot stand for a third term in a row, he or she can run for a third term if it is non consecutive with the other two terms however. In the event of a vacancy of the office (by death, resignation, or deposition by a majority vote of the Parliament), the Presidential Line of Succession is initiated.


The following qualifications must be met by anyone who is to run and be elected to the office of President:

  • Only a citizen of Zeprana who was born in Zeprana may run.
  • The citizen in question must be a permanent resident of Zeprana.
  • The citizen must be deemed eligible to run by the Supreme Court.
  • The citizen must not be a registered felon or sex offender.
  • The citizen must not hold citizenship to any foreign nation.
  • The citizen must be willing to pledge full-allegiance to Zeprana.


The President during his or her inauguration is administered to the following oath of office:

"I (Name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of the Federal President of the Federal States of Zeprana and to the absoloute best of my ability if it is the last thing I do preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and People of the Federal States of Zeprana at all costs in my Presidency so help me God."

Titles, Styles, and Arms

The full English style of the Federal President of the Federal States of Zeprana is as follows:

International Style: "His (or her) Most High and Exalted Excellency, The Federal President of the Federal States of Zeprana and Arcadian Territories".

Domestic Style: "His (or her) The Most Right Honorable President of Zeprana"

Powers and Functions

The following are the powers and functions of the Federal President of Zeprana -

Powers in the Zepranan Defense Forces

  • The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Zepranan Defense Forces
  • The President appoints and dismisses the Grand Marshall and Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • The President is the commander of the Armed Forces (expect the Marshal) which can authorize the utilization of lethal force