Prime Minister of Votara

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Prime Minister of Votara
Office of the Prime Minister
StyleMr/Madam Prime Minister
TypeHead of Government
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
AppointerSupreme Leader
Formation19 October 2022
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of Votara

The Prime Minister of Votara is the head of government in the Votaran Reich. The prime minister sits as the chair of the Council of Ministers as well as a member of parliament.

Functions, Powers and Duties

  • Second in Command of the Executive Branch of Government
  • Declare a State of Emergency with the Confidence of Parliament
  • Nominated Members of the Council of Ministers to the Supreme Leader
  • Issuing Medals of Honour for Service to the Nation
  • Issuing Executive Orders
  • Signing Treaties
  • Signing Acts of Parliament Before Sending it to the Supreme Leader


As a member of the legislative, the prime minister must be able to wield confidence in parliament. The prime minister is nominated by parliament, typically nominees are members of the House of Assembly but can sometimes be a member of the Imperial Council.

The nomination of the most popular candidate in parliament is then given to the Supreme Leader of Votara. The supreme leader then typically appoints the nominee.

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