Principality of Cedarnia

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Flag of Cedarnia
Coat of arms of Cedarnia
Aqua vitae a bene placito
(en) Water of life from one well pleased.
Founded byPrince William
 • Prince
 • Total6

The Principality of Cedarnia, commonly referred to as simply Cedarnia, is an independent state which is unrecognized by the wider international community and is known as a micronation. The principality currently exists in personal union with the Kingdom of Gradonia, while previously being a feudal state of the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum.

Cedarnia is a federal monarchy made up of duchies and other feudal states. Of the states which make up Cedarnia, there are two Bishoprics, which are headed by ecclesiastical authorities, one being headed by a Disciplic bishop and the other by a Catholic representative.