Principality of Kaetania

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Socialist Principality of Kaetania
Hüwaəqahr Dzaywadəqarn üb Kaət' Ania
Flag of Example
Coat of arms of Example
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ignis Aurum Probat"
"The Fire Tests the Gold"
Anthem: Kaetanian March
Kaetanian Mainland
Kaetanian Mainland
LocationLincoln, CA, USA
Largest cityVansadgrad
Official languagesKaətan, Kaetan English, Kaətan Latin
Recognised national languagesKaətan, English, Spanish
Demonym(s)Kaetanian, Kae
GovernmentSocialist Monarchy
• Prince
Prince Reece I
• West Kaetania Province Duke
Duchess Paisley I
• East Kaetania Province Duke
Duke Macie I
• Mikatugrad Province Duke
Duchess Autumn I
• Independence
22 February 2022
• Constitution Created
14 August 2022
• 2023 estimate
5,000 - 8,000
Time zonePST (uses 24-hour clock)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.kae
Principality of Kaetania

The Socialist Principality of Kaetania, more commonly known as Kaetania, is a micronation in North America. Kaetania emerged around early February of 2022, and pushed for its independence around 20/2/22. After many attempts, it declared their independence and became an independent, sovereign nation. Two more nations emerged, Arazanian Republic, then the Republic of Casanu (long defunct), which led to the founding of the Northern Alliance.

Kaetania is governed by Prince Reece l of the first Kaetanian Royal Dynasty. Since the government is a monarchy and the throne is passed down to the firstborn generation through generation, there are not any politics, in fact the only politics that truly exist are that of its host nation and the argument of who should be the next Prince/Princess.

Kaetania, by far, has good relations with nearby micro and macronations, and is currently in the Northern Alliance and is waiting for membership approval for many alliances.


In Japanese, "Kaeta" means "Changed" in English, referencing the change of government within Kaetania, "Ni" means "Two", for the two provinces, in Kaetan, Kaetania means "Freedom" or "Free People" or "Independence".

Kaetanian History

Kaetanian Independence Day, 22/2/22

Kaetania was first created as a factious nation, being centered around an imaginary island with imaginary topics.

The more time went by, he forgot about the country, but eventually named it Kaetania.

His Excellency officially "created" the new, serious version of "Kaetanian Republic" and called it the "Principality of Kaetania", where he would rule as a Prince. On 21/2/22, he pushed for independence. And finally, on 22/2/22, he self-declared Kaetania independent[citation needed].

The Reign of His Excellency, Prince Reece l

An admired member of the First Kaetanian Royal Dynasty, Prince Reece l is probably the most trusted leader of Kaetania. The first leader, Reece brought Kaetania to its selective fame.

He made a two languages, made culture, founded a religion, created a flag and a symbol of freedom, composed an anthem, and led Kaetania to ultimate recognition.

The Trade War, 28/2/22 - 2/3/22

When Kaetania, Arazania, and Gamerland's "Shared Territory", Cimancy, was still a Nation, it was Democratic. But, Cimancans traded with nations themselves. They had no government. Only the Citizens ruled. Cimancy had a flag like Kaetania's original flag, except it was like Varladia's. Kaetania and Cimancy were the best trade partners. But on 27/2/22, when Kaetania forgot to give several things to Cimancy after a trade agreement was signed, Cimancy declared informal war, and His Excellency accepted.After three days, Kaetania got tired of fighting, and Cimancy was getting weaker. So, instead of the story of Cimancy's "collapse", Kaetania did the opposite of what is told and completely annexed Cimancy and claiming it as a Kaetanian and Arazanian territory.

The Roly Poly "War", 1/5/22 - 5/5/22

On 5/1/22, Her Excellency, Arazanian President Madison P. had found a Roly Poly on her walk to school. Our Prince kept begging to see it. Once he saw it, he tried to force President Maddie into putting the Roly Poly into his empty SourPatch Kids box. Then, as the Prince said:

She did something UNFORGIVABLE. She THREW that poor little Roly Poly and KILLED it!

They Blamed the death on each other. So, Kaetania declared war on Arazania to not claim the Roly Poly's death as their fault. 4 1/2 Days later, the two both agreed that since the Roly Poly was on US Territory and not Kaetanian or Arazanian, none of them are responsible for the death and called off the war.

Prince Reece l does say that it was "a ridiculous reason for war, and I would remove it from the history books if I could".

1st Kaetanian Province Election, 5/7/22

On 2/6/22, His Excellency declared that Kaetania will be split into the Provinces of West and East Kaetania. He did not want to rule both alone, so he started an election. Eventually, it ended earlier than expected. But, for 18 out of 58 people voting, it was pretty good.

West Kaetania Governor: Governor Macie W., with 6 votes compared to the runner-up, Emperor Mason K. I of Gamerland, who only had 3. East Kaetania Governor: Governor Alex M., with 5 votes compared to the runner-up, President Madison P. of Arazania, who had 4.

The Kaetanian-Varladian Flag Conflict, 5/7/22 - 7/7/22

On 5/7/22, the Republic of Varladia declared war on Kaetania for (falsely) copying their flag.

Prince Reece was confused, knowing that not once he copied the original flag from any other nation. So he decided to explain that he did not copy the Varladian Flag and that he would not be changing Kaetania's flag or going to war. Then President Santi VZ replied, saying that the conflict could end diplomatically and peacefully if Kaetania agreed to a treaty where we would have to make some adjustments to our flag. Prince Reece agreed, and His Excellency adjusted the flag to where it did not look like Varladia's. In the end, it came to peace without violence.

The Kaetanian Civil War, 14/7/22 - 26/8/22

On 14/7/22, the day before Governor Mx Macie W. of the West Kaetania Province was going to be sworn into office, the East Kaetania Province seceded from the nation, became the "Lazil Confederation" (after E.K. capital Laziland), then declared Civil War on Kaetania. For. No. Reason.

Lazil was an Absolute Democracy like Cimancy. It was divided by the Lazil Majority and Lazil Minority.

Three hours later, Lazil took the Kaetanian City of Kazfurland, which is the second largest city. They also took the Territories of Cimancy and Rioluyin Peoluyin. The Lazil Minority--the ones who don't agree with the secession--helped us and we were able to take Qauiville and New Mxia back.

On 30/7/22, our Prince left the nation to visit the Republic of Rioluyin Peoluyin (Rio. Peo. and all other nations labeled as Kaetanian Territories are still territories, but they are referred as their original names before annexation). That day, we got Kazfurland back, and took one of Lazil's cities, but Lazil also recovered one of their own cities (not the same one, of course).

09/8/22, the day before the Prince was set to go back, the Kingdom of Lizardia declared war on us. We were outnumbered (11-2) but we annexed them in under 2 minutes. After that, Kaetania converted into a Socialist nation. Lazil also claimed that Russia was their ally in the Civil War, but that is a false statement.

On 17/8/22, every branch of the Kaetanian Military Force had crafted 12 smoke bombs, to which they had hired four people from each branch to place one bomb in one of the top 3 most inhabited areas in each Lazilan city and set it for 15 minutes, so each person have enough time to almost leave the areas. It was foggy for the next several minutes, but it helped Kaetania take one step closer to victory against Lazil.

And Finally, on 26/8/22 at 23:24, Reece l and Major Jani had signed the Treaty of Laztania after our army and navy defeated the People/s Force of Lazil. Lazil was turned back into East Kaetania but they were allowed to keep a small piece of territory called "Laztania" that they and Kaetania would rule. Major Jani was also exiled from her Kaetanian Citizenship and was not legally allowed to purchase citizenship from Kaetania and our protectorates.

Second Micronational War on Terror, 24/8/22 - (09/10/22)

On 24/8/22, a terrorist organization formed and targeted attacks towards the Sprinske Empire. The terrorist organization was called the Bomb and Destruction Association. The Republic of Mootugal, a micronation not to far to the west of Kaetania, delcared war on Sprinske and Prince Reece l decided to help Sprinske. Gamerland was also forced by Kaetania to help as well.

Battle of Khanenro

On 30 August 2022, only a day after the Battle of Yeltsingrad, the Republic of Slivuna joined the war on the side of the terrorists and claimed territory in all of the nations involved. Slivuna then declared war on Kaetania and Gamerland, and the battle took place near the Kaetanian mainland. Slivuna won the battle and managed to take some land from both nations, but they plan to retake these territories and turn the tides of the war on that front.

Battle of Vansad City

A day after the Battle of Khanenro, Kaetania and Gamerland conspired against Slivuna to take back the nations' territories. The battle was about 30 minutes and the victory was given to Kaetania and Gamerland.

The battle started out slowly at first, given the fact that both sides had come up with the idea to hide then attack (they both thought the other side would be charging up one of Kaetania's hills). After about 3 to 4 minutes, Slivuna decided to attack first using the same style smoke bombs Kaetania used against Lazil in the Kaetanian Civil War.

The Gamerian Imperial Army (GIA) made devices similar to the Sting MK1 featured in the Battle of Yeltsingrad. They were named "Sting MK2" since it was the second Sting MK1. The Sting MK2 projectiles had been cut more finely to create the stinging, but to also give the target a papercut that would sting internally ("It hurt, a lot." Most soldiers said in response).

The battle ended almost 25 minutes later, with almost every soldier participating in the battle having at least 2 papercuts. 6 soldiers (3 from Slivuna, 2 from Kaetania, and 1 from Gamerland) were mildly wounded from smoke bomb detonations and/or up-close Sting MK2 attacks (Yes, both those weapons hurt a lot.).

The battle ended with Slivuna-controlled Kaetania being restored back to Kaetania, along with Gamerland's territory featured in the battles being returned as well. Gamerland was able to claim territory all around the Slivunan-American Border to the point where Slivuna was completely surrounded. Kaetania also got a somewhat heart-shaped territory in Southwest Slivuna.

Crisis at Lake Mikatu

On 5 September 2022, just hours after the BDA surrendered, Slivuna launched a naval invasion of Kaetania. Lake Mikatu was their target, a manmade lake to the rear of the Kaetanian Palace. Due to the 42 °C heat, multiple civilians were at the lake that day to enjoy the weather, but Slivuna had other ideas. Slivuna sent multiple ships into the lake and started firing a new kind of weapon unique to this front of the war, these were called ‘pickle bombs’ and they were designed for damage to the eyes. These were balloons filled with pickle juice designed to spray pickle juice over their target when they were fired, making it hard for them to see and stinging their eyes.

The Kaetanian Blue Navy responded by sending in two ships to fight the Slivunan ships off, these were the KBN Vansad and KBN Kazfur. Around 10 minutes into the battle, Slivuna changed their strategy and focused their attacks on the KBN Kazfur, which was reportedly hit over 17 times, with 6 hits causing major damage. The Captain was blinded by three pickle bombs fired at her, and after multiple critical hits, KBN Kazfur sank, but both members of the crew evacuated. It became a priority to safely evacuate the civilians at the scene, and when they had all been evacuated from the scene, KBN Vansad continued its attempt to fight off Slivuna’s ships. The battle ended in victory for Kaetania when the Slivunan ships retreated.

Battle of Gamer Valley

At around 15:00 PST, Gamerland had invaded Slivuna on all fronts. One of Kaetania's protectorates, Rioluyin Peoluyin, had contacted the mainland immediately, to which Kaetania responded by sending in all of their ships owned by the navy (KBN Vansad, Malee, Keelo, Lazil, Raquix, Qaui, and Mxia) and sent them to all lakes located in Slivuna. Gamerland had also brought out GIA Gamer ships 1-15. Like Kaetania, Slivuna sent out all their ships as well.

Kaetania and Gamerland brought out Smoke Bombs (via Kaetanian Civil War), Pickle Bombs (via Lake Mikatu), and Sting MK2s (via Battle of Vansad City). Slivuna also introduced SL1 Launchers, slingshots with hammer and sickle engravings, designed to shoot smoke and pickle bombs at targets.

Unlike all Kaetania and Gamerland v. Slivuna battles, this one lasted a total of 2 hours and 43 minutes, with many things and places either damaged or destroyed on both sides. The KBN Raquix, KBN Malee, GIA Gamer 4, SLN Khanenro, Gamerian city of Gamer Town, and the Kaetanian city of New Mxia received major damage, but many other vehicles and places received minor to little damage. However, the KBN Lazil, GIA Gamers 2, 6, and 1, SLN Manin, SLN Feroro, SLN Slivgrad, Slivunan cities of Manin and Feroro, Kaetanian city of Qauiville, and the Kaetanian Outpost in Gamerland were completely destroyed.

Both sides suffered major damage and loss, but it ended with Kaetania and Gamerland gaining victory yet again. Kaetania, Gamerland, and Slivuna signed the Treaty of Khanenro, which gave Kaetania and Gamerland and equal share of Slivunan territory on their own fronts.

The Final Great Battle

On 9 October 2022, as the Feebusist year of 202² and regnal year 1 Taama I was coming to an end, Slivuna decided to launch its last invasion of Kaetanian territory after threatening to invade all nations involved in the war. Kaetania nor Gamerland took it well and fought Slivuna off. However, Slivuna's army became stronger since the Battle of Gamer Valley, causing Kaetania and Gamerland's armies to almost admit defeat. Suddenly, during a Slivunan attack, the Slivunan Direct Army began turning on one another. It turned out that Arazanian citizens disguised themselves as Slivunan soldiers to aid Arazania's closest allies.

Thanks to Arazania's help, the Slivunan Mainland was occupied entirely by Kaetania, Gamerland, and even Arazania. President Johanne of Slivuna discussed a peace treaty with Prince Reece I, Emper Mason I and even President Madison. The allies agreed, and the Peace Treaty of Slivuna was signed.

According to that treaty, Slivuna was to regain and relocate its mainland territory, however all three of the defenders could claim any original portion of Slivuna. Kaetania, Gamerland, and Slivuna were also required to withdraw from the war, officially ending that front of the war.

Politics and Government

The Principality of Kaetania is run by the Prince, and the Social Government is divided into 3 Classes:

  1. Upper Class Gov. - Prince, Siblings of the Prince
  2. Middle Class Gov.- Prince's parents and other relatives, Dukes/Duchesses, registered citizens of Kaetania that own Micronations
  3. Lower Class Gov. - Nobles, Soldiers


Law and order

As seen in the Constitution, the laws of California that do not affect the official laws of Kaetania are still in place, trials are withheld and attended by the Prince.

Foreign relations

Kaetania has good views of most micro and macronations, occasionally trying to make treaties and alliances with other micronations to gain a good, respectful status as a country. The government does not believe in micronations with fictional claims and/or fictional people. De facto recognition is given to every micro/macronation with the exception of communist, fascist, and neo-nazi states. However, de jure recognition is given to a select few that the government knows well.


Kaetania has one active military that is divided into three branches:

  • The Kaetanian Royal Army (KRA)
  • The Kaetanian Blue Navy (KBN)
  • The People's Force (PF) (Police)

The KBN also has a variety of warships that are named for each city, examples include the KBN Vansad and the KBN Lazil.

Recognized Micronations

A list of Micronations recognized by Kaetania and the Northern Alliance:

Kaetania diplomatic relations

Geography and Climate

The weather of Kaetania is never below 0°C and never above 40°C (on the occasion). Kaetania is usually sunny, but cloudy weather is usually 30°C.

Kaetania is not very flat and is mostly hilly. It is a very crowded place, but on the outside of the border is very dry. Trees are only found on residences and parks.


Flag of West Kaetania

West Kaetania

West Kaetania, also known as W.K., is treated as the "capital province" as Vansadgrad resides within the province. Duchess Paisley I currently rules the province from her home in Maleeville.

Cities of West Kaetania include Vansadgrad, Kazfurland, Maleeville, and Keelo.

Flag of East Kaetania

East Kaetania

East Kaetania, also known as E.K., is known de facto as the "secessionist province" from the Kaetanian Civil War. Duke Macie I rules E.K. despite not living in Kaetania.

The cities of East Kaetania include Laziland, Raquix Town, New Mxia, and Qauiville.

Flag of Mikatugrad


Mikatugrad is not currently a province and is treated more like a territorial claim. It is made up of Kaetania's currently heart-shaped claim of southwestern Slivuna. There is also no official leader, but Duchess Autumn I is currently in charge.

Land Claims / Protectorates

Culture & Media


Feebus is known for creating the three universes: the Center Universe (ours), the Parallel Universe, and the Alternate Universe.

Feebus, the first Feeb God, was found in the Kaetanian palace backyard. A toy that someone had dropped over the wall, it was found by Prince Reece I himself.

It was a difficult toy to explain. It was a squishy ball, basically. His Exellency dubbed thee toy to be the Great Kae God Feebus, the creator of all life forms.

But Feebus was not immortal, and was eventually murdered by the Prince's twin brother, the Emperor of Gamerland.

It was the Prince's job to resurrect Sky God Feebus.

The Resurrection was not successful. Feebus' spirit was put into a toy chicken, then a toy penguin, then lastly, a toy frog.

Feebus' reign as the Kae God began again!

Feebusist Gods

Feebusism has 12 gods:


God of: Life Forms

Creator Feebusist God

Form: Frog


Goddess of: Earth

Mother Feebusist God

Form: Green Duck with a Crown


God/Goddess of: the Sea

Introverted Feebusist God

Form: Penguin


Goddess of: Death

Death Feebusist God

Form: Angry Goose with a Fork and a Knife


God of: Attraction

Gay Feebusist God

Form: Chicken


Goddess of: Love

Matchmaker Feebusist God

Form: Poodle


God of: Royalty

Royal Feebusist God

Form: Black Cat


God of: the Gates of Jiərp (Afterlife)

Afterlife Feebusist God

Form: Tan-ish Chihuahua


Goddess of: Pride

Prideful Feebusist God

Form: Pink Jellyfish


Goddess of: Sickness and Disease

Sick Feebusist God

Form: Red Panda


Goddess of: Good and Bad Karma

Karma Feebusist God

Form: Tan Cat


God of: the Below

Evil Feebusist God

Form: Turtle

The Feeble

The Feeble is a Sacred Book of Feebusism, written by Feebus himself. Written in both Kaətan and English, The Feeble explains important aspects and views of life. The original Feeble was lost many, many years ago and was eventually recreated by Prince Reece I, Noble Cerenia S., Duke Macie I, and others.

Şöəiənəi Waiöri

A card game of critical thinking, two players battle for a $2 bet. Each player gets 5 cards face-down, and a pile on their right. They play one round of the classic "Rock, Paper, Scissors" tiebreaker game to determine who goes first. Whoever won gets to flip a card and put it on their right-hand side. If the other person flips a card with a greater value than the first persons's card, they keep both, then vice versa if it has a lower value. When the play is over, both players count the value of their cards, and whoever has the most value wins.

Vikaərtə Şöəiənəi

Or Vat Sein in English, a Vikaərtə Şöəiənəi is a Feebusist's celebration of life. Always celebrated on the day of their birth every year, they get gifted for their existence.

Vikaərtə Qüüanəi

Or Vat Qun in English, a Vikaərtə Qüüanəi is a Feebusist's honor of life. Celebrated on the day of their death every year, they are gifted with things for their afterlife and new life after death.


Kaetania has two calendars: the Feebusist Calendar and the Monarch Calendar.

The Feebusist Calendar (Rpi Fəəbüşişt Wəqiyjəz)

The Feebusist Calendar, more commonly known as Rpi Fəəbüşişt Wəqiyjəz, is a really weird calendar compared to the Gregorian calendar.


Before Feebus (BF (Before Feebus) Years) and the other gods arrived to Utopia (Earth), the years went backward in time instead of foward. Then, when Feebus arrived (FA (Feebus Arrives) Years), the years went foward in time.

The FA Years began on 0⁰ (0) FA, and the FA years will continue until 210⁰ (2100) FA, which will turn into the FL (Feebus Leaves) years, which will go backward in time again because Feebus left to visit the Higher Powers (the other gods will still be here, though, and you can still contact Feebus). Then, on 200⁰ (2000) FL, Feebus will arrive again and the TR (Time Restart) years, which will go forward in time once again.

One full year in Feebusist Calendar is equal to 10 years in the Gregorian Calendar. However, that does not change the logic of birthdays. For example, the current year in the Feebusist Calendar is 202² (2022 in the G.C.) FA, so we are in the 3rd cycle of the year 202 (third cycle because we treat the ⁰ as an actual year). So if someone was born in the year 200⁰ (2000) FA, they would be 22 years old, but in the Feebusist Calendar, they are 2 years old and on their 3rd cycle, so they would be 2 3/10 years old.

The Monarch Calendar (Rpi Çüyəzwp Wəqiyjəz)

The Monarch Calendar, more commonly known as the Rpi Çüyəzwp Wəqiyjəz, is similar to the British Regnal Calendar.


The idea of the Monarch Calendar was borrowed by the Sprinske Empire's Revolution Calendar.

The Monarch Calendar uses the same cycle of years as the Feebusist Calendar, but when the year became 202², it switched to 1 Taama I (Reece I), because that is when Prince Reece I took the crown. It will remain the Taama I years until the future son/daughter of Reece I takes the crown. The years could turn into the Taama II years or the İğday I (Aspen) years.

Kaətanic Languages


Kaətan includes more letters to the letters of the English Alphabet. Kaətan is more of a written and speaking-it-on-video-with-captions variant because it is very hard to distinguish what people are saying by their words alone. The new spellings that are shown is how it is written and spoken.

Ə "eh", X "xs", W "wu", J "jch", İ "ee", B "buh", Ş "sh", P "p", A "uh", F "pff", V "v", Q "ki", Ç "ch", Y "yin", Ü "yu", D "di", Ğ "y", Z "zs", H "ha", R "rr", Ö "oh", K "kuh", I "ul", M "mm", N "inn", T "t"

Kaetan English

Kaetan English is pronounced the same way as Kaətan Latin, but written using only letters of the English Alphabet.

Kaətan Latin

Kaətan Latin is uses the letters of the Kaətan Alphabet.

Important Parts of Kaetania


Claim: 0.782 square miles

Border: 4.07 miles

Provinces & Cities:

West Kaetania: Vansadgrad (capital of W.K. and Kaetania itself), Kazfurland, Keelo, Maleeville

East Kaetania: Laziland (capital), Raquix Town, Qauiville, New Mxia

Territories & Outposts:

Land Claims/Territories:

The NA Territory of Cimancy

The İəçüə Territory (The Ice Territory)

The Şötəaərri Territory (The Star Territory)

Territory of Riöıüyin Pəöıüyin (Territory of Roly Poly)

Territory of Lizardia

Territory of Laztania


Union of the Northern Alliance