Principality of Vlachia

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Principality of Vlachia
Official languagesEnglish
Roman Catholicism
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy on a theocratic and direct democratic basis

Vlachia (/vlɑkiər/(About this sound (listen))), officially the Principality of Vlachia is an English-speaking microstate inaugurated on 18 March 2021. While the principality possesses no territory akin to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, it is a sovereign entity subject to international law.

The principality is a semi-constitutional monarchy & is governed by the current head of state - H.I.H Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs.[1]


The Principality of Vlachia was founded on 18 March 2021, basing its ancestral lineage from the Princely House of Bulat - a prominent noble house originating from the Cetina region in Dalmatia.[2] The Principality distinguishes itself as the first sovereign state of the Vlachs and champions the cause of creating sustainable countries for marginalized ethnic groups.


The government of Vlachia operates as a unique amalgamation of a theocracy, democracy & a monarchy. Day-to-day functions are overseen by an appointed duke as well as a citizen-elected Supreme Council[3] delegated across 4 houses (House of the Great, House of the Wise, House of the Brave & House of the Just) which serve as the main parliament. All political parties are banned.


Roman Catholicism is the official state religion, with an exception to Orthodox Christians "with whom the State wishes to reunite as it was in the beginning of Christianity. No cults, sects nor false religions will be tolerated nor will any other creed be given right to exist by the state except the one, true, Catholic and apostolic faith in the Triune God by which all are saved."[4]

Orders of Chivalry

Vlachia awards 3 tiers of chivalry,[5] namely:

  • Order of St. Demetrius (Latin: Ordo Santi Demetrii)
  • Order of the Holy Cross of Christ (Latin: Ordo Sancti Crucis Christi)
  • The Most Serene Confraternity of the Illyrian Star (Latin: Serenissima Confraternitas Stellae Illyricae)


Citizenship is open to all nationalities regardless of ethnic Vlach origin & the Principality permits dual citizenship.[6]

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