Regions of Antarctica

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A listing of regions of the Federated States of Antarctica, both official and unofficial.

Official Regions

Federal Circuit Courts and Census Regions

The Federal Court system has five circuits.

Circuit 1
Circuit 2
Circuit 3
Circuit 4
CD Circuit

These regions are also used for census purposes.

Geographic Regions

Geographic Regions of the Federated States

FSA settlements are divided into four geographic regions.

  • Atlantic Coast
  • East Coast
  • Interior
  • West Coast

Broadcast Regions

Broadcast Zones. There is no "Zone S".

Managing a TV or radio network that spans 24 time zones is a challenge not encountered in a country that has only one to six time zones. Therefore, broadcast networks will typically carry eight programming feeds that will cover three time zones each. The earliest time zone of the Broadcast zone will time-shift programming ahead by one hour, as stations in the U.S. Mountain Time zone do. This proposed system creates the "8, 7 Central" effect that U.S. television viewers are familiar with.

Sports Regions

Sports Divisions

Leagues will likely be divided into Eastern and Western Divisions. Division in this manner resolves some of the issues involved in broadcasting (see above), though not completely. Some games will still occur at inconvenient times when viewed locally (such as overnight or during the typical work day) but enough will occur on weekends during prime time viewing hours to make this system effective.


Each state is divided into boroughs. Boroughs act as counties do to the United States. Only East Antarctica goes against the norm by naming its boroughs oblasts.

Other regions

Federated States of Antarctica

David Powell (President) | Devon Moore (Vice-President/EA Governor) | Kyle Seddon (VL Governor) | Aaron Mantell (AM Governor) | Matt Anderson (Homeland Security Minister)


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Che Guevara Magellan Intercontinental Airport | Gentoo Airways | Mikhail Gorbachev Intercontinental Airport | Transantarctic Highway System


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