Republic of Crolesia

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The Republic of Crolesia is a micronation in Britain. The micronation declared independence on 12 April 2020 at 2 PM British Standard Time. The nation focuses on the idea that every citizen has a right to a share of the state, which is set out by the supreme administration. The nation was founded by the national leader Thomas Smith, former leader of the Republic of Craldonia.

Ideals and political views

The Republic of Crolesia's political views consists of a mix of anarchism and socialism. The main belief is that every citizen should have a part ownership of the state, decided upon by the supreme administration. This allows for the people's opinions to truly count towards the nation. The leader Thomas Smith oversees the happenings of the state and owns 25 per cent of the nation, which allows him to make crucial decisions where the administration can not or will not. The decisions are always reflected on by the administration.

The Offical Flag of the Republic of Crolesia. Created on 13 April 2020

Extra information

The national amendment

Upon the creation of the nation, it was said that every man has a right to have a number of the state's earnings, the national party, otherwise known as the socialist party. Every man & women have the right to a share of the national holdings, these shares will be put out by the supreme Crolesian administration.

Every man & woman has the right to speak for the nation, but against the nation is strictly prohibited. All men have to serve a minimum of 6 months to one of the dedicated services which will be stated below:

  • Grand army of Crolesia
  • The national navy of Crolesia
  • National air core
  • Policing unit
  • Socialist state worker
  • State police

After this duty, the socialist party gives every person 100 esians a day, as per active duty. 100 esians translates into 1 British penny, the currency is only usable in the state, its online services and allied nations.

After the man's active duty is finished, they may continue in the dedicated service, in which they would be handed the iron medal of honour. Or they can move onto other jobs. This includes the ability to join the supreme Crolesia administration.

The armed services are given the shares of the man/woman state owings until they have dome their service. This allows the services to invest in equipment such as weapons, ships, reconnaissance aircraft, clothing, protective equipment or other resources that are deemed necessary to carry out their job.

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