Republic of Crotania

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Republic of Croatania
Febuary 10,2016-May 19, 2021

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Official language(s)English, Italian
GovernmentConstitutional Royal Republic
PresidentIsidoro Amalfitano
PresidentialFebuary 16, 2021
EstablishedFebuary 10, 2016
DisestablishedMay 19, 2021
CurrencyCrotanian Link
Time zonePacific Standard Time
Preceded byUnited States
Succeeded byUnited States, Republic of Mamaroneck

The Republic of Crotania, otherwise known as R.O.C., was a Royal Democratic Republic. It was a micronation that is located in North east Antarctica and Los Angeles, CA. Crotania strives to be a safe, Democratic, Utopia for all people to feel safe and to feel themselves. They have been around since 2016. Originally There were two founders, Joel Campbell and soon to be Pres. Isidoro Amalfitano. Joel kicked all of the government officials out and created a Tyrannical government focused on him and himself only. Isidoro stood up to him and lead his country to a revolution and gained back the leadership. In 2021 Crotania was at war against Akstilaa. Everything had been going uphill since their Revolutionary War of 2017 Until the nation's collapse in May 2021