Republic of Elves

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The Republic of Elves (Estonian: Päkapikkude Vabariik), commonly known as Elves, is a micronation located in the northern territories of Estonia. Originally founded in 2016 and micronationed in late 2019, it is the second oldest known micronation in Estonia.


The micronation is a republic, with the most powerful member being The President in Charge. Voting is allowed to all members above the Age of Powers. Check out the hierarchy here. The President is noted to be friendly and cooperative with other members.


The etymology is unknown, because the original founders have moved and lost interest in participating. The name is a direct translation from Estonian.


The Republic actually started as a parliamentary monarchy, but after the leader role was given to a new member, the form of government changed to republic. At its peak, the member count was 15-20, but after the Great Peace, the member count has dropped to 3-5.


The Republic lies in the territories of Estonia, specifically in the northern county. It once expanded to the eastern countys, but after the Great Peace, the Republic surrendered the lands and continued in the north. The micronation does not have a capital, because it is based in a location, where a capital would be useless.

Law and Order

Law and order is the most developed state sector.

  1. The Defense Agency, or in Estonian, Päkapikkude Kaitseagentuur. It is the police force of the Republic with all members taking part. It has a self-developed penalty system and laws.
  2. Tactical Support Team, or the military agency. With only the best involved, it can prevent major accidents and dangers to the government.
  3. Department of Official Documents gives out licences and documents, thus keeping the Republic working.
  4. Department of Communication and online platforms is responsible for anything related to communication and online platforms, including websites, blogs and social media pages.

Economy and income

Main income source is outsider taxes and penalty taxes.

Main currency is EUR/European Euro/€.