Republic of Hoogwaard

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Republic Of Hoogwaard (english)
Republiek Hoogwaard (dutch)
Repubiekie Hogquart (Hoogwaardian)
Official languagesHoogwaardian ,Dutch
Demonym(s)Hoogwaardse Hoogwaardian
GovernmentSingle Party State
• Consul
Shady Restapato
• Proconsul
Timo Vink
LegislatureThe Chamber
Establishment19 April 2013
• At the day of dissoluition census
CurrencyHoogwaardian Staatsgulden
Preceded by
Succeeded by
w:The Netherlands
Foster Island Republic

The Republic of Hoogwaard (Hoogwaardian:Repubiekie Hogquart) was an unrecognized liberal dictatorship in Europe, along the section of Oegstgeest . It existed from 19 April to 8 June 2013.

Hoogwaard had its roots in the Eurozone crisis. The Patriotic Front, proclaimed the inderpendence of Hoogwaard led by Shady Restapato, The republic was declared within its capital Hengelveld,The nation joined the now-defunct Micronational Union and became member of the Federated Coalition of Nations,It had its own court, police, prison, currency (Hoogwaardian Gulder), and an army of 5 men.Despite this successes the republic colided during the Hoogwaardian Civil War and a lack of reputation


On 19 April,The Hoogwaardian Liberation Front under leading of Shady 'Restapato' Morsi, Tookover one of the classroom and declared the Republic of Hoogwaard as reaction on the Eurozone crisis On 20 April the young republic joined the Micronational Union. On 15 April Voltak joined Hoogwaard On 27 April Hoogwaard joined the Microwikia community on 29 April Hoogwaard enterd the Narentian Civil War

After Hoogwaard was isolated,The government was unpopular and Hoogwaard became a monarchyfor 31 minuts with King Andrew I for 31 minutes. He left and Hoogwaard become a democratic republic However, on 31 May,Some people try to attack the proconsul but failed. On May 14 A civil war begon Jordy Sloos start a revolt and try to conquer the capital of Hoogwaard but fails and a long range civil War started, On 23 May, Hoogwaard vandalized Montanian and Molarussian pages, Montania didn't respond but Molarus declared war marks the begin of the Hoogwaardian-Molarussian War However, 5 days later a peace treaty On 7 July The civil war was ended. The republicans won but despite they give Hoogwaard up marked the start of Salaria


Hoogwaard had various enclaves in Europa and America its is divided into 'federal subjects' with each one had rights as primited in the declaration of inderpendence of Hoogwaard


Hengelveld, Hoogwaard's capital

The Republic of Hengelveld is the capital city and the leading state of Hoogwaard, it was the original part of Hoogwaard and considers of a hill and a classroom, the current Republic of Hengelveld is located in this area


The Grand Dukedom of Voltak consists of slightly sloped, grassland and an abandoned building, Voltak is the current capital of Viadalvia

Habour Distrct

An area controlled by Hengelveld. And the only coastline of Hoogwaard, Currently Steingrad


A small island in Maine near the Foster Island Republic.Now unclaimed by Hoogwaard


Hoogwaard was a self.proclaimed Conservative liberal state. The Patriotic Front's councill was the legislature of Hoogwaard is reported to be powerful. The constitution describes the Patriotic Front as the "leading force of society and of the state". The leader of the Socialist Unity Party of England is concurrently the Consul with had absolute power. The Proconsul was the successor of the consul