Republic of Pina

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Republic of Pina
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
Time zoneUTC-8

The Republic of Pina is a now-defunct micronation based in western Oregon. Pina existed as brothers to nearby Dorito and Uvaland. The nation never truly established itself, however managed to survive almost 3 years. The nation had no navy, however did manage to scrape together an army for the Racki-Puvaland War. It fought alongside Uvaland in the war, however lost in a 30-second battle against Rackistan.


Pina was formed, alongside Uvaland, much like Rackistan when Dorito took the spot they currently are in. Dorito decided to give this land up, and it would be 12 hours before it was returned to the USA. People from Dorito stayed in the spot, refused to leave, and made it's own country. People from the North part disputed with the people from the South, and eventually an agreement was made that the two would split the land. Pina would have the north, and Uvaland would have the south.

Diplomatic Relations

Pina began diplomatic relations with Dorito, Uvaland, and Rackistan not long after it's founding.

Diplomatic Relations
Name Date started
Uvaland April 15, 2019
Rackistan April 15, 2019
Ecyrb September 23, 2019
Dorito April 15, 2019