Republic of Southwest Vineland

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The Republic of Southwest Vineland, more commonly known as Southwest Vineland or RoSWV, WAS a micronation in northern Illinois, USA. It was created on May 21, 2021, under the name The Republic of Lululand. It changed to the current name on May 30, 2021, as well as officially declaring independence on that day.

On August 5, 2021, it ceded all of its territory back to the US and dissolved.



At the founding, the nation was called The Republic of Lululand, after the founder's dog. On May 30, it was discovered that the name was already in use, so the name was changed to The Republic of Southwest Vineland, due to the fact the Vineland was what the Vikings called eastern Canada when it was discovered by them, so "Southwest Vineland" would be somewhere in the Midwestern US, AKA Illinois.


The RoSWV was founded on May 21, 2021, in "about 30 minutes". A period of not much activity happened until May 30, when the country changed its name to the current name. The next day, Memorial Day in the USA, a war for independence was fought with Nerf guns, with the RoSWV winning, and officially declaring independence. For a few weeks, the new nation was not doing very much, occasionally picking up a citizen or two along the way. On June 26, the Constitution written.

On August 5. it went defunct and dissolved.