Republic of Virardius

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Republic of Virardius
Respubliko de Virardius
National Flag
Official languagesNewspeak
Recognised national languagesEsperanto
State Atheism
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential republic under a totalitarian dictatorship
• President
Sydney Knight
Lucas de Tropicana
Chamber of Deputies
• Established
21 March 2022
• 2022 census
CurrencyVirardian Ruble
Time zoneUTC
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Republic of Virardius, commonly known as Virardius, is a micronation founded on 21 March 2022.

The nation is a semi-presidential republic under a totalitarian dictatorship.


The Republic was established on 21 March 2022 by President Sydney Knight. The nation was founded as a totalitarian dictatorship with the government being developed to suit this.

Politics and Government

Under the nation's totalitarian government a Cabinet has been established as well as a Chamber of Deputies in a unicameral parliament led by the President and Prime Minister. All members of Parliament belong to the VIRSOC (Virardian Socialist) Party.


The Parliament consists of the Chamber of Deputies alone. All members are known as 'Deputies' and are also VIRSOC Party Members. Parliament's primary role is to aid the President and Prime Minister in passing laws and running the nation. However the Parliament takes less of an advisory role than the Cabinet.


The Cabinet consists of a number of ministries that take on a more advisory role to the Presidency. As well as this they assist the President and Prime Minister implement their policies.

The Cabinet also takes a more specialised role to research their portfolio and each ministry plays an important role to help maintain the order and culture of the nation.

Law and Order

The Republic's law and order is maintained by the Virardian Police Force. The Police Force is run by a Chief Constable and is maintained by the Ministry of Defence.

Foreign Relations

The Government of Virardius has not yet created any formal requirements for foreign relations.



The Armed Forces are the primary forces to protect the Republic.

The Armed Forces consist of three branches:

  • Virartian Army
  • Virartian Air Force
  • Imperial Virartian Navy

Currently the military is mostly ceremonial. Military service is not mandatory but is encouraged by the Government of Virardius.

Culture and Media

Culture in the Republic is still developing due to the small population. As well as this media in Virardius is state controlled.

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