Republic of Xenlandia

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Republic of Xenlandia


The Republic of Xenlandia was the 3rd name of Xenlandia. It is also the first name with the nation's current short name "Xenlandia".


On Febuary 7th 2022 Xen The current Xeness of Xenlandia announced a name change for Hi, the new name revealed to be Xenlandia, they also announced a flag change however said it will come later as the Xeness (then President) said they are really bad at designing flags. The next day however on Febuary 8th 2022 Xen announced 2 other changes coming to Xenlandia , one of them was that Xenlandia will have a new government which is called Xenate. more information about a Xenate is at the main Xenlandia microwiki page. and thus , the Republic of Xenlandia stopped existing after only 1 day of existence