Royal Amokolian Republic

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The Royal Amokolian Republic
Motto: Licentia Pro Totus Futuri
Anthem: Land of Amokolia
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Current leader
King Jess
• Foundation
12th May, 2005

Amokolia is a medium sized micronation that occupies the northwest corner of Illinois.


Founding and reign of Jacob I

After the micronation of Distortia was disbanded, two former citizens of it, Jessten Heimer and Jacob T. Hark, decided to form a new micronation. At the beginning of its existence, the micronation struggled to take off, and as such its creators attempted to change its name time and time again to attract citizens. After noticing that the name "Fartland" attracted citizens, they choose it to be the micronation's name. After a while, Jacob T. Hark was coronated Emperor of Amokolia, and Jessten Heimer was elected President, beating Andrew deMeester in the elections.

After a while, HM Jacob I came to be known as "the Emperor of the Yen", due to him cheating his citizens out of money. After time and time again to oust him, he was banished from the country by the Republican Army, and Austin Pafford was coronated King of Amokolia.

Austin II

After the coronation of Austin II, he divided Amokolia into different states:

  • State of Larry, divided into the cities of Fort Larry(now Fort Fardia) and Anunlandia(now Anun)
  • Mishalan, divided into the cities of Lalapaloza and Parislandlandia

He also unified the Royal and Republican Armies into one. Eventually, after 2 months of reigning, the longest anyone has reigned, he abdicated to take up a position in Fort Larry.

Queen McKenna

Queen McKenna I's reign was one of the shortest in Amokolia. The only action she took during her reign was the occupation of territory around an eighth of an mile away, known as New Fardia.

Section 5: Dustin IV and the Fartian wars.'

Dustin IV took the crown over from his adoptive mother HRH McKenna I. He demanded that there be no president and that only he rule. The people rebelled against him. His Propagandaist Andrew DeMeester said that the president jess heimer said “I want no royals I wish they were all dead”. This was not true because Dustin and Jess never spoke about each other during that time. All the Royals thought is was true so they broke away and formed the kingdom of Royalties. Then Fartia immeadiatly declared war on the KoR. Thus creating the fartian wars.

Section 6: The Battle of Anuniaville.

The Army of Fartia moved onward to the Kingdom of Royalties taking over the city of Anuniaville. (now present day East Anun). The KoR defended the rest of their country but failed. The mighty Fartians prevailed only to lose the next battle.

Section 6b: The battle of Londonvilleia.

The fartians moved on to the KoR capital with their drums and flutes playing the national anthem. Once they reached Londonvilleia the KoR army had heard about it and barricaded londonvillea then pounding the army with balls. This made the Army retreat.

Section 7: The Victory at Parisialand.

After recovering from their humiliating defeat at Londonvilleia the Fartian army went on to the KoR’s major city Parisialand capturing the land for Fartia. The land was then taken over to form the new Fartian state of East Mishalan.

Section 8:The reigns of Austin V and Jessica II.

They co-ruled the land after the fartian wars. They were both appointed by the President. Some people said that they were some of the best monarchs in fartia. They both defended the land with no wars or arguments. They also replaced the Supremo with the PD of “The Law of fartia” it was very short and only read:

“No murdering, stealing or anything bad”

It did keep the nation together. The monarchs both retired and left the throne to Caleb VI and Journee III Section 9: Journee and Caleb .

As did their predecessors they co-ruled - under the new law, there was nothing outlawing it. They issued this statement that split the nation:

“Only the rich should be allowed into Fartia so we can be a pure nation under God’s eyes”

Then Prime Minister Autin Pafford took all the Republican people of the nation although the president urged his people to stay. He formed “the Supreme Kingdom of Black-Schwartz”

Section 10: The Fardian-Schwartz wars

The King and President both hated the KoS. They declared war against it and had to go to the Schwartian capital of Luthersville and take the King Austin I of Schwartz to the Fardian prison called “The Eguah” (pronounced the E –GAH) He vowed to join with Fardia and create a new country. Now called Amokolia. The name means “Land of much Chaos”.

Section 11: Reign of Wyatt VIII and Austin IX:

After the joining of Schwartz and Fardia they needed a new king of no bias so they chose the commoner Wyatt. He was corinated and reigned for 2 months and issued this one law:

“no more Rebellion”.

Austin then took over after wyatt retired. Austin IX didn’t issue any laws or decrees but held the nation together.

Section 12: The switch

The first elections were held in Amokolia and Austin IX won and had to abdicate the throne. He gave it over to former president Jess Heimer. He was titled HRM King Jess the Tenth but First of Amokolia.

Section 12b: King Jess X

The current King Jess X establish the constitution and made the website and brought Amokolia to the web. He had the longest reighn of All the Monarchs (10 months.)

King Peter XI After a short Leave of Absence, King Jess X placed his Regent The Honourable Peter Kelly in charge of the Throne of Amokolia, seeing that the People enjoyed a loved Peter in the Throne, King Jess X adbicated naming his heir as King Peter XI who rules to date.


The government is a constitutional monarchy. The king, president and prime minister propose laws and vote on them. If they are approved unanimously, they move to the saenate. The King is the de facto leader of the State although the president sometimes shows power. There are Four provinces in Amokolia: Fardia, Capadia, west fardia and St. George

The King

The king is the De Facto ruler of Amokolia. It is a tradition to issue a message every month from the king. The current king is His Majesty Jessten Heimer. The King Has his own army of about 15 Citizens. His Majesy personally owns the Province of Fardia

The president

The president of Amokolia is appointed by the majority party in Amokolia (Currently the Amokolia Demokratic party) and is there until the party comes out of majority. The president proposes bills and signs them.

The Saenate

The saenate consist of 250 seats. One person may hold up to 50 seats. The ADP currently holds majority in the saenate.


  1. King
  2. Queen
  3. Bishop
  4. Duke
  5. Duchess
  6. Duke
  7. Ambassador
  8. Baron
  9. Lord
  10. Merchant
  11. Peasant

Diplomatic Relations

Amokolia is in the LoM, LoSS as well as the Union of North American Micronations and the United Chatham Park Micronations and have many diplomatic relations. All citizens can be citizen of the country witch have diplomatic relations


I (name) pledge to uphold the laws and rules of His majesty and the president. I promose to do my most for Amokolia. GOD save me!

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