Socialist Republic of Liancourt

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Socialist Repubic of Liancourt
우산 사회주의 공화국(Kr)
于山 社會主義 共和國
asirikirne ota wa mosiri kotan
Бүгд Найрамдах Ляйанкурт Ард Улс

2020 - Current



Adapt to change


Capital cityShinbang City
Largest regionUsan city
Official language(s)None
Official religion(s)None
Demonymliancourtian (English), ota ainu (ainu)

GovernmentUnitary dominant-party parliamentary republic with an executive presidency
- PresidentJungbin Han

Legislaturedagelet Assembly

Formation1 January 2020
Area Claimed511.86 km² (Antarctica 1,226,384km²)
Population8 (2020 census)
CurrencyMongolian tugrik
Time zoneUTC+9,UTC+2
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd
National animallion


The Socialist Republic of Liancourt, commonly known as Liancourt and also known as the Socialist Tepublic of Dagelet (Korean: 우산 사회주의 공화국), is a micronation that is located in South Korea and has claims in the disputed territory of Bir Tawil.


The Korean name usan(우산) came from an ancient kingdom that existed on Ulleung Island. The name "Dagelet" was named in 1787, when French navigator La Peruz saw Ulleung Island. Liancourt is the name of a French ship that sees Dokdo, annexed island of Ulleungdo. Liancourt was annexed island of the kingdom, but after Japan unilaterally laid claim to its sovereignty, it decided to use it as another national name to publicize that its rationale was false.


In February 2017, OSMD was established. The first president, Green City President, has made great achievements in increasing the population to 26 by trying to increase the population by supporting various startups. The republic became the Ja saeng han administration with one change of government (2017.10-2018.04). Although it collapsed in 2018, the Republic of Gwantal was established on September 16, 2019. But the place collapsed in a day and a Socialist Republic of Dagelet was established. But it didn't last long and a democratic republic was established on October 12. It collapsed on November 11 and the Socialist Republic of Liancourt was founded on January 1, 2020.


The Government of Liancourt is a presidential republic. The branches of the government are listed here:

  • Executive branch : The president, cabinet and other members of their administration.
  • Legislature: Supreme People's Assembly Member
  • Judiciary: consisting of one person appointed by the Minister of Justice and the Chief Justice and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


The president is the head of the executive branch, and the party leader of the largest party in the National Assembly is in charge. The minister is appointed by the president himself.


Logo Party Party Leader Political Position Ideologies Seats
File:.png Dagelet Republican Party Jungbin Han Far-Left Democracy,Nationalism,Socialism
6 / 7
File:.jpg People's Nationalism Party xwu kim Left Nationalism,Socialism
1 / 7
Independent N/A Non-Aligned N/A
0 / 7

Ministries, agencies and departments

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Land:Mainly establish the Bir Tawil development plan.
  • Department of Culture:It mainly serves to fit the culture of the Usan country into the modern society.
  • Department of Justice:This usually work as a prosecutor, but That can also work as a judge.
  • Department of Health:It is a department that informs the people of diseases that are dangerous.The spread of the Corona epidemic has increased the importance of this department.

Administrative divisions


  • Toi
  • Epit
  • Wupan
  • Gwansan
  • Changhae
  • Alshamaria(미추)

<<Special Administrative Region(특별행정구)>>

  • Hyeondo
  • Belant Dag(아단)
  • Hego
  • berriar(신주)


  • shinbang
  • Ibaiar(화강)

<<a city under the direct control of the central government(直轄市)>>

  • conru


  • Daebang

Sub-administrative areas include 縣, etc.



Currently, there are too many languages to designate as official language, so no official language is specified. But Korean is used the most. The government is trying to encourage the use of English and Ainu.


There is no formal education, but it encourages micronation and start-up education.

Foreign relations

Liancourt be joined to LAM,


The military was founded on January 1, 2020, but changed to the police because it did not function properly, but the Ministry of National Defense was re-emerged when Lai He was appointed as the Minister of National Defense on May 13, but it was abolished again due to lack of a successor on the 18th.


They are trying to preserve the traditional Usan culture.