South Millimia

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Duchy of South Millimia
Coat of arms
Motto: Our Duchy, South Millimia
Anthem: Anthem of South Millimia
• Duke
Andrew I, Duke of South Millimia
• Governor
Preceded by
Succeeded by
w:United Kingdom
w:United Kingdom

You may be looking for the region of Millimia, see Southern Millimia

The Duchy of South Millimia was an autonomous state of the Principality of Sabovia. It was located in southwestern Sabovia and was founded on the 3rd of June 2012. The head of the subdivisional government and the office of Governor of South Millimia was vacant since it's founding, several nations recognized South Millimia as independent from Sabovia, despite the fact South Millimia did not declared independence. Since Tetbury Town Council decided to build on South Millimia the Imperial Government returned the former territory to the United Kingdom. However the Monarch of Sabovia still holds the title "Duke of South Millimia" but as an titular title.