Sovereign Order of the Open Book

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Sovereign Order of the Open Book
Official Badge

Headquarters SOOB Skype Chatroom

Official language English

Membership 6 members

Grand Master Jacob Tierney

Foundation October 15, 2011

The Sovereign Order of the Open Book, or SOOB for short, is an independent order with goals to advance science in micronationalism, as well as its associated ideologies of Meritocracy and Technocracy. The Order aims to spread awareness of these aspects which it views as "underrepresented" in the micronational world.


The SOOB collectively ranks its members in a meritocratic fashion, based on each members' contributions to either science, Technocracy, Meritocracy, or the SOOB itself.


The member with the highest rating in the order is the Grand Master, who represents the Order whenever a single representative is necessary. The Grand Master has few powers beyond this.

Following the Grand Master, members are grouped into "Ranks" based on their meritocratic rating as compared to that of the Grand Master. The Ranks are as follows:

  • Grand Defender - (99-75%)
  • Commander - (74-50%)
  • Advancer - (49-25%)
  • Knight - (24-0%)

Therefore, if the Grand Master's rating was 100, a Grand Defender would be a person with a rating of 99-75, a Commander would be a member with a rating of 74-50, etc...

Members (with initials in brackets)


The SOOB has one Political affiliate, the Vanguard for Freedom (Nemkhavia), which has cells in the Kingdom of Eragia, Montosh, and Quenya.


The SOOB is also the only current institution that certifies micronations as either "Meritocratic", "Technocratic", "Science-Focused", or any combination of these. These nations are seen as the advancers of the SOOB ideals, and are greatly supported by the Order, and seen as the future of the ideals and of the Organisation. The criteria for being considered any one of the things above (sometimes more) are as follows:

  • Must have either Meritocracy, Technocracy, or Science described as being significant and playing a major role in said nation by this nation's constitution or other major law.


  • Must function as either a Meritocracy, Technocracy, or Science-Focused nation despite lack of laws detailing it as such. To be considered scientific with no laws, a nation must have completed at least 3 scientific projects during its existence.

Meritocratic Micronations

Technocratic Micronations

Science-Focused Micronations

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