Sprinske War Music

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Sprinske War Music is a genre of music that emerged using the Second Kolniaric War. The term refers to Sprinske folk music with the theme of war, mostly set during the Banana Uprising, Sprinske Revolution, Sprinske Civil War and Kolniaric War. Most of the songs use the tune of Irish rebel songs, Yugoslavian turbofolk or North Vietnamese songs, while adding different lyrics. Sprinske War Music is a somewhat popular genre in Kaltarsia and Sprinske, although some avoid it due to its somewhat provocative nature. Not all of this music comes from times of war, some of it has been written in peace time such as the Kaltarsian version of Ain’t I Right? Which is very similar to the original, but talks about Stewartism rather than communism. Almost all of the songs are anti-Stewartist in some ways, some more so than others, in some songs it’s the main focal point, whereas others merely reference it.