St.Charlian general election, 2015

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St.Charlian general election, 2015
← 2014 5 January 2015 2016 →
Candidate Rigas Papadopoulos Alex Specter
Party National Party of St.Charlie St.Charlian Socialist Party
Home state Greater Ridgeway Atlantis
Running mate Athlon Strauss Sante Belfort
States carried 3 3
Percentage 43.6% 56.3%

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Prime Minister before election

Alex Specter
St.Charlian Socialist Party

Elected Prime Minister

Alex Specter
St.Charlian Socialist Party

The St.Charlian general elections of 2015 (Italian: Elezioni Generali St.Charliane del 2015) also known as Decision 2015, scheduled to be held on 5 January 2015, are the future elections in the St.Charlian federal and parliamentary election, and will be held during the month of December 2014 with 6 January 2015 as the official "Election Day", where the results were published. It is the sixth annual general election in which citizens have elected the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of St.Charlie, together with their local Governors and representatives at the General Assembly.