Suleyman ibn Ludhbirt al-Qut

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Suleyman ibn Ludhbirt al-Quti
𐍃𐌿𐌻𐌴𐌾𐌼𐌰𐌽 𐌷𐍂𐍉𐌸𐌹𐌱𐌰𐌹𐍂𐌷𐍄𐌹𐍃
ابو السنة سليمان ابن لذبيرت الرائع القوطيي
Khagan of the Blue Huns
King of the Goths, Gepids, and Scirians
Khagan of the Blue Horde
Reign6 April 2023 – present
Coronation6 April 2023
King of the Goths, Gepids, and Scirians
Reign6 April 2023 – present
Coronation6 April 2023
Born9 January 1996 (1996-01-09) (age 27)
 United States
Abu 'Alsina Sulaiman ibn Ludhbirt al-Ra'i' al-Quti
HouseBanu Ludhbirti
FatherLudhbirt al-Almani
MotherNur al-Andalusiyya

Kaghan Abu 'Alsina Suleyman ibn Ludhbirt al-Ra'i' al-Quti, also known as Abu Aurdu (Father of the Horde), or simply as Suleyman al-Quti (Suleyman the Goth), is the founder and current Khagan of the Khaganate of the Blue Huns. In addition to being the khagan of the Blue Horde, al-Quti is also a scholar of linguistics, with a focus on the Germanic languages, and a student of Islamic studies and sciences. al-Quti is also a poet, having composed poetry in the Gothic, Arabic and English languages.


Suleyman al-Quti was born in the United States of America in 1996 to parents from Latin America. Very little is known about the Khagan's childhood, but it is known that at age 13, through the influence of Turkish residents of al-Quti's home town, Suleyman al-Quti became a Sunni Muslim.

Early Work with Gothic

While al-Quti had begun work with the Gothic and Germanic languages before, it was in 2018 that they began to partake in largescale reconstruction and work to revitalize the Gothic language. While Gothic nationalism was something that was largely discouraged for serious pursuance, al-Quti began to wonder about the possibility of using Gothic in the context of a micronationalistic project. In 2023, the Gothic revival had collapsed, leaving al-Quti free to pursue other projects

Foundation of the Blue Horde

With the collapse of the Gothic revival, al-Quti decided to try a new project involving the Gothic language. Seeking to create a distance from the Goths proper, who had become targets of attention from neo-fascist and white nationalist elements, al-Quti adopted the spiritual succession of the Huns, and declared the Khaganate of the Blue Huns. Seeking to take inspiration from the medieval nomadic empires of Eurasia, al-Quti made Islam the official religion of the Khaganate, and governs the nation in accordance with Islamic law.

Personal life

Not much is known about the Khagan's personal life. It is known that the Khagan is a student of languages and speaks many languages, which has earned them the kunya "Abu Alsina" (father of the tongues).


  • Khagan
  • King of the Goths
  • King of the Gepids
  • King of the Scirians
  • Basileus
  • Harjans
  • Begitbegi
  • Emir