Supreme Nation of the Training Room

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The Supreme Nation of the Training Room is a micronation founded at the beginning of time, however, its establishment as a micronation took place on April 25, 2017.

The Supreme Nation of the Training Room
Motto: "Group me sucks ass and is immoral"-Marcos
Anthem: "Careless Whisperer" by Wham!
File:Training room.png
McCombs Athletic Center, United States
CapitalTrainer's Office
Largest cityThe Wetroom (pop. 6 working coolers and many, many broken ones)
Official languagesEnglish
Izzy Bynum
• Shogun
Bryce Harris
• Emperor
Phil Rogers (Trainer Man)
• (as of April 26, 2017) census
9 (subject to change)
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)


Current Government

The government of the Training Room is most comparable to a shogunate. The emperor of the training room is Phil Rogers, and he is known as the Supreme Trainer. However, in reality, most of the power resides in the Water Boi, aka Christopher Bryce Harris, Form 10 student. Bryce makes the rules. Bryce controls the trainer cart and everything in it.

Past Governments

At one point, the Training Room was governed under a hierarchy, but the validity of the positions of the student trainers was challenged when the point system was put in place.


The Point System

The economy of the Training Room circles around the Point System. Currently, Bryce has the most points in the training room, but that could be subject to change. It will not, however, change Bryce's status as the shogun of the Training Room. Bryce has attempted to give himself full control of the Point System, but the emperor continues to offer points back to the trainerians. Points can be earned through various forms of manual labor, including wiping tables, operating the wet vac, restocking supplies, and most importantly, providing offerings of water, ice, and bottles to various athletes around the world of the Saint Mary's Hall Upper School. Student trainers must earn points based on their years served. First-year trainers must earn at least 1,000 points, and second through fourth-year trainers must earn at least 1,500 points.

Point Redemption

Should a student trainer earn sufficient points, he or she will be granted an Athletic Credit. Other than a varsity letter, this is the highest honor that a student trainer may be awarded.


The official religion of the Training Room is Izzy Bynum. Izzy is a goddess. Her disciples include the squirrels of Saint Mary's Hall and that one possum that was sitting in the tree yesterday. Legend says that Izzy once ruled the Training Room with kindness and equality, but that all changed when the shogun Bryce Harris took power. The prophecy tells that one day, Izzy will return and save us all with the assistance of various baked goods.