The Demorcatic

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The Demorcatic, originally intended to be the Democratic Republic of Redhills, was a small one-man nation run by P, a friend of Glastieven E's who was not otherwise relevant in Glastieven history,[note 1] from 26 March to 22 April 2015. The Demorcatic was part of the second wave of Acteriendian model countries, which took place at Coltheart School's gifted and talented club. P was encouraged to create the Demorcatic by E's friend δ, who had founded the Republic of Skovaji in October 2014, and it was a sister nation to the Kingdom of Trebor, which was created by E in the same context.

Notes and references


  1. Figures in Glastieven history are referred to by "uniliteral name codes" (letters of the alphabet) to protect their identities.


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