Kingdom of Trebor

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Kingdom of Trebor
Active during March and April 2015
Motto: The Royal Seat of all Glory
Trebor is a country that respects everyones desision
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentTheocracy (de facto)
Absolute monarchy (de jure)
• Leader (no formal title)
Glastieven E
• Nominal "King of Trebor"
The Royal Seat
Establishment26 March 2015
• citizens (claimed) census
Time zoneUK time

The Kingdom of Trebor, also known as the republic of Trebor, was a small one-man nation run by Glastieven E,[note 1] active on Wednesday afternoons between 26 March and 22 April 2015. Trebor was part of the second wave of Acteriendian model countries, an early part of Glastieven history, which took place at Coltheart School's gifted and talented club. E was encouraged to create Trebor by his friend δ, who had founded the Republic of Skovaji in October 2014, and it was a sister nation to the Demorcatic, which was created in the same context by his friend P. Trebor was a nominal theocracy based on the jocular worship of a fictional golden toilet, the Royal Seat. Most of E's work on Trebor was focused on creating and expanding the country's website on He also carried out verbal diplomacy with the Demorcatic and Skovaji.


In March 2015, δ and E were friends at Coltheart School and were both members of the gifted and talented club. δ had run Skovaji since October 2014. On 26 March, δ encouraged E and E's friend P to create their own micronations, and both created light-hearted simulationist model countries, the Kingdom of Trebor and the Demorcatic. Coltheart's gifted and talented group was based on the idea that its members worked independently on projects, and all three of them made their project creating a website for their micronation.

During the first wave of Acteriendian model countries, all the nations had been part of a union (the Exeter United Nations), so δ brought Trebor, Skovaji, the Demorcatic and the Democratic Republic of Howe, an ally of Skovaji's also based at Coltheart, into a new organisation on the same pattern, the Exeter Union. The existence of the ExU means that Trebor might have interacted with the DRoH through δ, though neither nation formally recognised the other.

Subsequently, E only engaged with Trebor at meetings of the gifted and talented club in April 2015, on the afternoons of the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd. His main activity was working on Trebor's website. Though he verbally referred to Trebor as a kingdom, on its website, he called it the "republic of Trebor". He also conducted verbal diplomacy with the Demorcatic and Skovaji. After 22 April, he removed some of the content from the kingdom's website and subsequently ignored it, formally declaring it defunct in June 2016 when he created the Republic of Myré.[note 2]


Trebor's website in 2021, showing its state since the 22 April content removal.
Trebor mints, with which Trebor shares a name and design similarities.

Trebor was a simulationist micronation based on the jocular worship of a fictional golden toilet, the Royal Seat of all Glory. E created an image of the Royal Seat by editing together two stock photos, one of a golden toilet and the other of a plastic crown. The toilet was nominally King of Trebor, and E — who had no official title — claimed to be carrying out its wishes. In addition to the fictional toilet's political role, worshipping the Royal Seat was the republic's national religion.

Given that E nominally derived his authority from speaking on behalf of a worshipped icon, Trebor was effectively a de jure theocracy. As E did not actually make any attempt to consult the Royal Seat before acting (there was not even a jocular ritual or similar), it was a de facto absolute monarchy, like most other one-man nations.

Initially, the Kingdom of Trebor claimed half a bedroom, and it intended to continually extend its territorial claims as it developed. This was exactly how δ's Nation of Bedroom had worked in 2014. At 22 April, the kingdom claimed its original half a bedroom, the kitchen in E's house, and had a "hope to continue to take over land". E said that Trebor had sixteen citizens, all of whom were members of his family.

Trebor shared its name and the red and the green colour scheme used on its website with a British brand of mints (sweets).

Position in Glastieven history

Glastieven E in January 2020. Trebor was only relevant to Glastieve due to E's involvement.

E was the only Acteriendian to create two distinct model countries — Trebor in March 2015 and Myré in June 2016. Myré was considered more relevant and more developed than Trebor, so whereas the other model countries led by later Glastievens were culturally important in that nation, Trebor was largely ignored.

As the Demorcatic's creator P was not otherwise relevant to Glastieve, the second wave of Acteriendian model countries was sometimes forgotten about in Glastieven historiography, and Trebor was either incorrectly placed in the first wave or conflated with Myré.[note 3] These mistakes were corrected in formal historiography by Glastieve: A History in November 2019, though E himself made the mistake of confusing Trebor and Myré at a posthistorical July 2020 meetup, suggesting that the kingdom's history remained obscure in Glastieven popular culture right up until the Baisser de Rideau (end of Glastieven history) in March 2020.

The are two known instances of Trebor being invoked as a reference in Glastieve. The first was a remark made by δ to E in the debate which led to The Starlight Plan being created in May 2019. E said that, even if the friendship group broke up, he and δ could keep using its flag and regalia to represent themselves and any future micronational projects, whereas δ argued that they belonged to the group as a whole and it would be wrong to use them if other members of the group were no longer their friends. δ was working on Glastieve: A History at the time and accused E of "treating the Glastieven flag like your fucking golden toilet". The second instance of Trebor being invoked in Glastieve was after E became the Keeper of the White Cloth in November 2019, when δ sent an image of the Royal Seat with the word "Keeper" added to the national chatroom, the Oak and Liger.

Notes and references


  1. Micronationalists who were involved with Glastieve are referred to by "uniliteral name codes" (letters of the alphabet) to protect their identities.
  2. In the Acteriendian model countries, it was conventional to refer to a micronation "going defunct" or being "declared defunct".
  3. For instance, Trebor was wrongly grouped with the first wave in δ's August 2018 draft history of Glastieve on MicroWiki. This mistake can even be seen in Skovajan historiography from 2016, and its presence in such comparatively early records contributed to it not being quickly identified as an error.


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