Thomas Alexandre II of Fronecos

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Thomas Alexandre II
King of Fronecos
King of Fronecos
Reign28 Mai 2020 - present
PredecessorPosition established
(Himself as Sovereign Prince)
Prince souverain Fronecos
Reign11 août 2010 - 27 mai 2020
PredecessorJacques I
SuccessorPosition abolished
(Himself as King)
Nothing (unmarried)

Thomas Alexandre II est un micronationaliste français . Depuis le 28 mai 2020, il règne sur le royaume de Fronecos.


National honours

Foreign honours

  • AnthophiliaNew.png Anthophilia:
    • 118289513 591659164837576 8177693269101498865 n.png Officer of the Order of Saints Gorgon and Dorothy