Treaty of Franco province

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Treaty of Franco province
Unofficially: The Franco agreement
rough draft of the final treaty
rough draft of the final treaty
Created 12th April, 2022
Ratified 13th April, 2022
Location Edwin (Arkadelphia)
Authors Joseph Hackley (Arkadelphia)
Crimson King (Comunibals)
Signers Republic of Arkadelphia
The first wave Comunibals
Purpose Mutual recognition and defense treaty

The Treaty of Franco Province (also referred to in Arkadelphian government circles as The Franco agreement), is a treaty of mutual recognition and defense pact between the Republic of Arkadelphia and The first wave Comunibals. It was signed by Prime Minister Joseph Hackley of Arkadelphia and King Crimson King of the Comunibals in the cities of Edwin and Crimson on the 13th of April, 2022.

The treaty does, among other things, bind the two nations into a defensive pact.

Terms of the Treaty

Article I

Article I sets out the definition of "Contracting Parties" - the two signatory nations.

Article II

Article II.1 sets out that, as soon as the Treaty is passed, it shall hold force of law internationally.

Article II.2 sets out the recognition provisions; that the two Contracting Parties recognize the sovereignty and independence of each other's nations within their territories.

Article III

Article III.1 bars either Contracting Party from performing acts of aggression against the other.

Article III.2 however, both do not require either party to go to the military aid of the other in case they are threatened and prevents either nation from constructing a military presence in the other's territory, respectively.

Article IV

Article IV bars either Contracting Party from taxing the other on imports or demanding things from the other without a written agreement.

Article VI

Article VI sets out that the Treaty is ratified as soon as it satisfies the constitutional requirements of each party, which it did on the 13th of April, 2022.


Arkadelphian side

the final treaty was made by the Republic of Arkadelphia and so once the treaty was signed it was ratified

Comunibals side

the final treaty was ratified as soon as Crimson King signed the treaty