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The current date is
1 June 2023
2022 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar2022
Ab urbe condita2775
Armenian calendar1471
Assyrian calendar6772
Bahá'í calendar178–179
Balinese saka calendar1943–1944
Bengali calendar1429
Berber calendar2972
Baustralian Regnal yearJohn 1 – 6 John 1
British Regnal year70 Eliz. 2 – 1 Cha. 3
Buddhist calendar2566
Burmese calendar1384
Byzantine calendar7530–7531
Chinese calendar辛丑(Metal Ox)
4718 or 4658
    — to —
壬寅年 (Water Tiger)
4719 or 4659
Coptic calendar1738–1739
Discordian calendar3188
Ethiopian calendar2014–2015
Hebrew calendar5782–5783
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat2078–2079
 - Shaka Samvat1943–1944
 - Kali Yuga5122–5123
Holocene calendar12022
Igbo calendar1022–1023
Iranian calendar1400–1401
Islamic calendar1443–1444
Japanese calendarReiwa 4
Javanese calendar1955–1956
Juche calendar111
Julian calendarGregorian minus 13 days
Kapresh Regnal yearJack. 1 – 4 Jack. 1
Korean calendar4355
Lyteran calendar2529–2530
Minguo calendarROC 111
Nanakshahi calendar554
Thai solar calendar2565
Tibetan calendar阴金牛年
(female Iron-Ox)
2148 or 1767 or 995
    — to —
(male Water-Tiger)
2149 or 1768 or 996
Topek calendar17
Unix time1640995200 – 1672531199

2022 was the year after 2021, and was followed by 2023.





  • 1st: The Monarchist Society of Louisiana surrenders to Romerican troops at a meeting in Nacogdoches, and leader George Garfield is exiled to Guam, Ending the Shreveport War.
  • 3rd:
    • Baustralia begins a third reorganization of the route network, mainly affecting the Colonies. Highways 20, 30, and 56, in Ostreum, became auxiliary routes of Highway 19, and Highway 6 once again became an auxiliary route of Highway 33.
    • The first wave Comunibals declare independence
  • 8th: Adam Flannery becomes fourth President of Roscamistan after long delay.
  • 9th:
    • As part of Baustralia's reorganization of the route network, Highways 22, 23, and 25, in Wangatangia, became auxiliary routes of Highway 21, while Highway 55 was deleted.
    • Forestia declared independence.
  • 10th: Baustralian Highways 38, and 41, on the Whiskey Islands, became auxiliary routes of Highway 42, Highway 45 became an auxiliary of Highway 43, and Highways 46, 48, and 49 became auxiliaries of Highway 50. After this, there remained an equal number of current and former numbered highways. (62 total highways [1-58, 6A, 6B, 33A, 33B], 31 current, 31 deleted)
  • 12th: - Start of the Arkadelphian-Comunibal war
  • 13th:
  • 15th: Vishwamitra celebrated its 15th National Day.
  • Official establishment of Kingdom of Unitedlands
  • 18th: The imperial Republic of Traverria adopts a new national anthem.
  • 19th: Lienish Sovereign Republic joined UAMW
  • 20th: King Wald I forms the Narsiryn Royal Senate
  • 21st: Long Island War ends after seven months.
  • 22nd:
    • Theodia celebrates its 10th (twelfth) birthday by changing its name to "Aethodia".[1]
    • Kalia declares independence








  • 5th:
    • 9 hour conflict between Kalia and ESR begins.
    • 9 hour conflict between Kalia and ESR ends



List of micronations

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Ajdinland Ajdinland
Akadron Akadron
Arkadelphia Arkadelphia
Arterra Arterra
Grand Duchy of Australis Grand Duchy of Australis
Avalonia Avalonia
Region of Balzi Republic of Balzi
Baránok Baránok
Kingdom of Baustralia Kingdom of Baustralia
Belcity Belcity
Beulunowiseul Beulunowiseul
Beaulosagñe Beaulosagñe
Bradonia Bradonia
The Comunibals The Comunibals
Caelesta Caelesta
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Grand Republic of Cycoldia
Falcar Falcar
Fraild Socialistà Districtà Fraild Socialistà Districtà
N/A Federal Republic of Early
Freshland Freshland
Forestria Forestria
N/A Gerria
Græcia Græcia
Korginia Kingdom of Korginia
Kingdom of Krzakacja Kingdom of Krzakacja
Republic of Latitudia Republic of Latitudia
Free State of Northern Medelpad Free State of Northern Medelpad
Northudankton Northudankton
Lienish Sovereign Republic Lienish Sovereign Republic
Medopolania Medopolania
Earth's Kingdom Earth's Kingdom
Free Socialist State of Paloma Free Socialist State of Paloma
N/A Permaria
Ohio Republic Ohio Republic
Richensland Richensland
Sancratosia Sancratosia
St. John St. John
Kingdom of Scynja N/A
Great Kingdom of Slitronia Great Kingdom of Slitronia
N/A Estonian Republic of Kali
Subejia Subejia
Republic of Suverska Republic of Suverska
Theodia Aethodia
Vishwamitra Vishwamitra
Amazonia Yusienia
Constitutional Polyarchy of UncleJakeyjake Island & Colonies Constitutional Polyarchy of UncleJakeyjake Island & Colonies
Republic of Jiji Republic of Kichi
N/A Principality of Neustria