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People's Revolutionary Republic of Yusienia
República Revolucionaria Popular de Yusienia (Spanish)
Ιουσενική Λαϊκή Επαναστατική Δημοκρατία (Greek)
雨仙人民革命共和国 (Chinese)
Motto: "Vitam Impendere Vero" (Latin)
"Life for the truth"
Location of Yusienia Coordinates:  38.1753, 23.8367
Location of Yusienia
CoordinatesLogo of the Coord template.png 38.1753, 23.8367
Official languages
Recognized languages
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic under a direct democracy
• Princess
Aurora Twinkle
• Grand Chancellor
Andrew Papadopoulos
LegislatureCentral Revolutionary Congress
• Formation of the "Stadt Schleswig 2.0"
28 December 2020
• Declaration of independence
9 August 2021
• Renaming
February 2022
• Actual administrative area
• 2023 census
CurrencyFive official currencies: Yusienian Obol
Swedish Krona
West African Franc
Vevčani ličnik
Time zoneOrloj time (UTC+1)
Date formatdd/mm/yy
National animalAsian elephant
(Official newspaper)
(Official, under construction)

The People's Revolutionary Republic of Yusienia, formerly named as Republic of Amazonia, is an independent sovereign state in South Europe. It was founded in December 2020 by Aurora Twinkle. Amazonia was the name given to the nation when it was founded, with Amazonis Planitia on Mars as its principal region. Amazonia handed its land to the earth in December 2021 and eventually became a country on the planet. As a result, the country's name was altered to Yuhsienia in February 2022, and later to Yusienia according to phonetics.

Yusienia is a tiny landlocked nation with a de-facto controlled area of 1556 square metres. Yusienia's de-facto controlled territory lies north-east of Athens, Greece's capital, and it has no permanent population; Yusienia's citizens live on the territory of other macronations.

Yusienia is a member of the Mediterranean Cooperation Council and the International Republics Alliance.


The name "Yusienia" comes from the Mandarin word "雨仙" for "rain fairy" or "fairy of the rain". Why it is called this weird name has been difficult to verify, this name was gradually formed and preserved during the development of the country. According to a folk etymology created by Twinkle, the name originates from "Yo Siena!" (Siena is an Italian city)
The name can also written as Yoosenia.


Early History

In June 2020, Guo Wengui founded New Federal State of China(designated as a terrorist group by Yusienia), this inspired Twinkle to build a micronation, and she set about to find a territory. In December, Twinkle turned to finding territory on Mars, Amazonis Planitia was soon chosen as the territory of the micronation.

Republic of Amazonia and the first autocracy (December 2020 - January 2022)

For establishing a country, Twinkle formed a secret society "Stadt Schleswig 2.0" on 28 December 2020, this society became the precursor to the nowadays Yusienian state. Very few relics and records remain of this secret society, making the early history of Yuhsienia confusing. Then the society unilaterally declared independence from Federated States of Martian Olympus under the name "Amazonistan", with Twinkle as head of state. The same day, the nation established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Jŭmina and Urbo de Sophia. The name "Republic of Amazonia" was chosen on 3 January 2021.

The political system in the early days of Amazonia was almost absolute monarchy. As for why the country was not named a kingdom, Twinkle said "it is too tiring to hold a coronation ceremony."

On 5 March 2021, Twinkle established a cabinet with three ministries: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Treasury and the Ministry of National Defense. Twinkle appointed Hilja-Sinikka Iltanen as Minister of Treasury, and Hemerocalli Crystalli, her original character, as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Hemerocalli's position was reserved until Amazonia signed the Wrythe Convention, this position was removed to avoid sockpuppeting allegations.

Twinkle started to draft the Constitution of Amazonia on 10 March 2021, she organised a Constituent Assembly, and the Kelowna Draft was released on 14 May. However, after the release of the draft, Twinkle declared that a single written constitution that was difficult to change was not suitable for Amazonia. On June 28, Vân Tinh announced the end of the constitutional process and that the Constituent Assembly was to be dissolved.

Declaration of Independence of Amazonia, 2021

The declaration of independence of Amazonia was signed on 9 August 2021, which declared that the Republic of Amazonia was an independent sovereign state.

After that, the government consolidated its rule, and the President disbanded the National Assembly and converted it into the Great Althing as a new legislature council, the president and cabinet members are ex-officio members of it.
On 10 September, Twinkle announced the establishment of the Territory of Amazonistan, which is all the Martian territory of Amazonia, and designated it as the new legal capital, but the government is still based in cyber territory of Picafloria for a while until December, then the executive center moved to Nea Emesa.

The Yusien nation was created in late 2021, the national symbol was identified, and these innovations were called Amazonian national awakening, also known as the first Yusienian national awakening. The leaders of this national awakening are Victor, Sophia Swan, Hilja Illtanen and others. The first Yusienian national awakening marked the birth of the Yusienian nation.

Amazonia acceded the Wrythe Convention on 28 October.[2]

In the few months that followed, Amazonia's economy, trade, and culture flourished rapidly. This prosperous era became a prelude to future oligarchic reforms.

The Nea Emesa night assault, an expansionist invasion, was operated by Amazonia in Deccember 2021 with the goal of occupying a territory on earth. The occupied territory was named Nea Emesa, and became the new capital city and cultural and political center in 12 December 2021. On 28 December, Amazonia celebrated it's first national anniversary.

Constitutional oligarchy (January 2022 - April 2022)

Flag of Amazonia "the white square flag" flying at Fort Mactridae, 25 January 2022

President Aurora Twinkle write a new constitution in December 2021, This constitution abolished the personalist dictatorship and introduced a oligarchic system, it marks the end of the Amazonia's first autocratic era and the beginning of the oligarchic era. The new constitution established two main government agencies, the Secretariate and the Censorate. The Secretariate assists the President, similar to a Cabinet, while the Censorate does monitoring, auditing, investigation, impeachment, inspection, and intelligence. The President is the head of state and has no term limit. The Signoria controls most of the power, therefore, it can be regarded as an oligarchy, but government rule was more ceremonial, so for political scientists the political system of Yusienia could be Anarchy. The Grand Chancellor was the leader of the Signoria. There is a National Assembly, the President and cabinet were ex-officio members, other seats were nominated by the Princess or elected. The Signoria was the most important central government agency of Yusienia, controlled executive power, legislative power and part of judicial power. The Princess had the power to decide national affairs, but the promulgation of new laws and the revision of the constitution all required the vote of the Signoria. The Censorate was the main supervisory, auditory and security agency, holds the power of supervision, inspection, investigation, and intelligence work. The National Assembly was advocacy and does not hold legislative power but elects the next president after the current president abdicates. Any legal party member was a member of the National Assembly.

Amazonia signed the Augusta Accord on 18 January 2022. At the beginning of 2022, a series of cultural reforms have been carried out. An executive order was issued on 7 February 2022, announcing that the country's name would be changed to "Yuhsienia". Following Twinkle's research on phonetics, the name eventually became "Yusienia". On 3 March, a major constitutional amendment was unanimously passed by the Signoria. This amendment changed the title of the head of state from "President" to "Princess", although the title "President" is still used informally. From this point on, Twinkle started to use the princess title. In addition, this constitutional amendment also changed the first verse of the national anthem and the national emblem, making the country more in line with the image of a terran country. On 15 April, the Mohist Party was formed, de facto replacing the Yusienian National Progressive Democratic Socialist Revolutionary Action Congress for Prosperity and Justice as the ruling party.

The second autocracy (April 2022 - November 2022)

On 29 Apirl 2022, The princess abolished the constitution[3] and took all legislative, executive and judicial powers. She began rule by decree, strengthening centralization and dictatorship. This led to protests and political instability, particularly Andrew Papadopoulos, who is the Grand Chancellor, who raised very strong objections to the Princess's unconstitutionality, he prepared to fill a lawsuit, proposed the Constitutional Court to try the princess, but no one was the judge at the time. this incident is known as the May Incident.

Why did you abolish the constitution without asking me? I am the Chancellor and you have to inform me! We are going to the Courts!

— Andrew Papadopoulos

The protests did not last long and the constitution was successfully repealed. At this time, government officials lost most of their power, and the princess spent most of her working time thinking about her new name and designing Yusienia's new flag.

The national flag of Yusienia in July 2022.

A cultural movement started in May called second Yusienian national awakening. Unlike the First Yusienian national awakening which involved many people, politicians and artists, this national awakening was carried out by the princess alone. The second Yusienian national awakening took the spear of Athena, the symbol of Pallas, as the symbol of Yusienian people, changed the national flag, and determined the national colors and more national symbols. This national awakening enriched Yusienian culture. On 30 June, the official country name was officially announced as People's Revolutionary Republic of Yusienia. Since July 2022, Yusienia is stable and gradually coming close to become an one person state. The hispanization of Yusienia begins in sutumn 2022, Twinkle's learning of Spanish has led to Yusienia's embrace of more Spanish and Latin American culture. In early November 2022, Twinkle proposed the idea of democratizing reforms. A Constitutional National Assembly was established and election were prepared. Overall, The Second Autocracy was a relatively inactive period.

In diplomacy, Yusienia began to implement stricter gatekeeping, only countries with considerable seriousness and "brick and mortar" can be recognized by Yusienia.

In terms of internal affairs, Yusienia carried out citizenship reforms, revoking the citizenship of all citizens who did not actually live in Yusienia. Through such reforms, Yusienia achieved a direct democracy in winter 2022.

Direct Democracy (November 2022 -)

In November to December 2022, Yusienia made drastic reforms to eliminate corruption and social problems. The release of the November 7th act was a major turning point, and from this date onwards, the only citizen of Yusienia was Twinkle, completely making Yusienia an egostan, although other former citizens retained a token honorary e-citizenship. In December, the flag-changing drama finally settled down to three designs that were being used equally. SYKO's dominance at Revolutionary Congress stabilizes. The stability of the political situation has enabled Yusienia to embark on the road of innovation and development again, basically returning to the prosperity in the winter of 2021. Yusienia's population increases to 3 people on New Year's eve of 2022. With the new members, in the first few months of 2023, although Twinkle want to organize the first Central Revolutionary Congress meeting, the meeting was not implemented. She hopes to organize the first meeting after the country reaches a population of five or more.


Nea Emesa

Nea Emesa is a Mediterranean savanna of 1556 square metres, surrounded by Exarchate of Great Ionia. There's a peak of over 1 meter in the northwest corner of Nea Emesa. A tiny fortress called Elagabalupolis (Kathareousa: Ηλιογαβαλούπολη) is standing in the center of Nea Emesa. According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Nea Emesa has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate.


In the beginning of the third autocracy, Yusienia implemented a presidential system and a nominal separation of powers, with the main power in the hands of the princess. Yusienia is a unitary state. Prefectures are set up under the country. The country has a Signory, and each prefecture has a Revolutionary Committee. Currently Yusienia has only one Prefecture, Nea Emesa Prefecture, which is the capital of the country.

The princess is the supreme leader, head of state and government, the legislature is the unicameral Central Revolutionary Congress, the executive agency is the Revolutionary Signory. Currently Yusienia has no valid constitution.

Central Revolutionary Congress

The Central Revolutionary Congress is the supreme legislative body of Yusienia. All citizens of Yusienia, residing in Yusienia, aged above 12 and under 45 years old can be elected as a congressperson. Currently all 3 citizens of Yusienia are members of the Congress.
The draft law is first proposed and considered by Congress, and then forwarded to the princess for signature. The law vetoed by the princess will go back to Congress for reconsideration and voting. If Congress passes it again with a two-thirds majority, the law can be passed without the princess's signature. The draft law proposed by the princess will be voted on by Congress and will come into force after the speaker signs it.
After the NNSOA dissolved, Aurora frequently reorganized its party several times, and in September 2022 proposed a party formation plan called the Liberal Republican Movement, but the party has not been formally established. Later, the Constitutional Party was established and is now the ruling party and the only political party.[4]

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Seats
SYKO - Constitutional Party SYKOlogo.svg Aurora Twinkle Centre-left Constitutionalism
1 / 3


The Signory heads the national executive system and reports to Congress. The Signory consists of the princess, various ministers and three judges, The members of Signory can be foreigners. Signory has the following functions: formulate and organize the implementation of basic policies on social economy, education, national defense, homeland security and social welfares, submit laws draft to the Congress and ensure the implementation of laws, organize and manage national property, formulate and implement Yusienia foreign policies and measures, Lead the activities of other central and reginal executive agencies, etc. Members of Signory work independently within their purview and are personally responsible for the work entrusted by the princess, even if they personally disagree with the princess's decision, they must not express their opposition.


Yusienia's economy is referred to as a mixture of palace economy and gift economy, Yusienian residents are dispersed over the globe, so far apart that domestic trade is difficult, yet citizens occasionally exchange presents. Barter commerce with other micronations is heavily encouraged by the administration. The government also plays an important role in resource allocation. The government is a centralized resource collection and distribution center. The largest industry in Yusienia is real estate. In addition, there are handicrafts, and even the almost negligible textile industry. Yusienia has almost no power generation industry. Most of the electricity is imported from Greece. Yusienia is very rich in plant resources, especially in the southeast of Nea Emesa. Yusienia has some land resources but the native land resources of Yusienia are not used for agricultural production. Some of Yusienia's foreign land resources are used for the production of lemons, herbs, etc., and there is no production of cash crops. Yusienia's economy is growing, driven by the real estate industry. Because Aurora Twinkle has no job, Yusienia has no export labor. There are five official currency of Yusienia. The euro is the most important currency used in international trade.


Mother Yusienia, the national personification of Yusienia, by Svenska_ghost

Yusienia is a cosmopolitan country with a wide range of cultures. Cultural traditions of Yusienia have been impacted by a diverse range of civilizations from across the world. Yusienian culture is mostly influenced by current western countries(Inside Europe, influences from the Alps and Scandinavia are most evident, such as national drink Almdudler, etc.) , Renaissance Italy, Balkans, Baltics, Caucasus, Byzantine empire, Timurid empire, the Indochinese Peninsula, Horn of Africa, Southwestern China and Indigenous peoples of America, Africa and Oceania. Yusienia has prioritised equality and inclusion for all of its citizens, as well as respect for all cultures. Now Yusienian people has established a distinct and rich culture distinct from all organic cultures, this culture is neither western nor eastern and differentiates Yusienian people from macronational people and other micronational people.


Yusienian literature is the most important aspect of its culture. Some kinds of poetry, such as Sonnet, Gushi, Jueju, and Haiku, are popular in Amazonia, while lengthier forms, such as Epic, Elegy, and Fu, are uncommon.

Twinkle is a poet who writes in Mandarin and whose work is dominated by amusing and unusual short rhymed poems.

The Coder Series, a science fiction novel series co-written by Twinkle, George Persin, and Yuen, is the first novel in Amazonia. The novel's development began in 2018. The series depicts human existence and resistance in a world dominated by artificial intelligence. Twinkle's pen name "Sillycat" became one of the series' key characters. The novel's construction has come to a halt for the time being, but being a co-authored work, the novel's worldview is continually being contributed to by co-authors. There is also a wiki dedicated to the novel.

Handicraft arts

Yusienia produces excellent handmade glass bead bracelets and has plans to make more necklaces. There are also many handicrafts using some of natural materials such as peach pits and walnuts.


The most popular sports in Amazonia are dodgebee and Frisbee Battle Royale. Frisbee Battle Royale is a game designed by Twinkle that requires at least two players, a soft flying disc, and the ability to carry and throw the flying disc. Players who miss the flying disc and are hit by it must abandon the game, and there will be only one winner at the end.

Water sports and skiing are popular in the corresponding seasons.


The most notable musician in Yuhsienia is Illtanen, she currently serve as minister of treasury in the secretariate. Twinkle designed Yusienian dulcimer, which has never been actually made, it's a combination of Appalachian dulcimer and bouzouki, with three pairs of strings.


There are very few buildings in Yusienia, and extant buildings built during Yusienia's reign are almost non-existent. The architectural style that Twinkle advocates is her Junk Playground style, which comes from the unique buildings on Berkeley's Adventure Playground, which are usually built with discarded wood, stone, and painted or frescoed in many parts of the building. In some suitable rooms, Yusienians may use pixie lights and cushions, pillows, etc. to create a cosy resting space.


Because Amazonian people mostly live on the earth, the cuisine of Amazonia is influenced by Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine on the earth. Amazonia's traditional dishes include some seafood, and sometimes meat analogue is used instead of meat.

Typical foods and dishes

Sticky rice in bamboo is the national dish of Yusienia.

Typical Drinks

  • Almdudler, a popular carbonated soft drink from Austria.
  • Yusienian vanilla tea is a herbal drink made from honey, fresh or dried rosemary, lavender, sage and lemon, invented by Princess Aurora Twinkle.


English is the lingua franca of administration and trade in Yusienia. almost all laws and orders are written in English. Yusienian English speakers have different accents. The government does not prescribe an official form of English.

Mandarin Chinese and modern Greek are also commonly used.

Clothing and fashion

Aurora Twinkle waving the white square flag of Yusienia in a traditional Yusienian women's dress.

Traditional Yusienian clothing was influenced by European women's fashion from the Renaissance to Rococo, and kimono, and was characterized by the use of pastel colors, ornate decoration, and the use of brocade.
Wearing nice clothes in Yusienia is extremely important because the nicer the clothes are, the more respect one will receive.
Baju Yusienia is the national everyday outfit of Yusienia, Designed by Tuyết inspired by the clean and simple style of Baju Melayu, is a long-sleeved shirt and a long skirt in pastel colours. Jewellery and accessories for Baju Yusienia use very little metal and more wood beads, cowries and pearls. A common headgear is khăn vấn.

Yusienian also make their own clothes, and since Yusienia had no industry for spinning and weaving, it import cotton fabric directly from Greece.

National holidays

The current official holidays are calculated according to the Gregorian calendar.

  • Hillaria or AnthesteriaCelebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
  • Thargelia Originated from Pangy Day of Mount Holyoke College. Festivities including flowers, music, games, face-painting and ice cream.
  • Neutrality Day Celebrates pernament neutrality of Yusienia.
  • Winterfest Is a holiday similar to Christmas, celebrating the founding of the Yusienian state.


A stereotype of Yusienian has been formed in the micronation community, but this impression is mainly from Twinkle alone, so it is biased.

In general, grit, bravery, empathy, hospitality, boldness, and an emphasis on creativity are the shared spirit and attitude of many Yusienians.


Currently, the official news agency and newspaper is Sovereign Yusienia, published on Yusienia's official website, all articles are written by Princess Aurora Twinkle herself. The Ministry of Culture also publishes another newspaper, the Verdens Røst, it is a newspaper mainly covering foreign news. Verdens Røst is similar to Dunyo Ovozi, it also has only published one issue so far.

National pledge

I am a citizen of Yusienia,
I promise to do my best to my nation and the world,
to build a democratic society of justice and equality,
to fulfil the principles of the Hexasophy,
to resolutely defend the national sovereignty,
and to love my nation as I love myself.

Είμαι πολίτης της Ιουσενίας,
υπόσχομαι να κάνω το καλύτερο για τη χώρα μου και τον κόσμο,
να οικοδομήσουμε δημοκρατική κοινωνία που να έχει δικαιοσύνη και ισότητα,
να εκπληρώσω τις αρχές της Εξασοφίας,
να υπερασπιστώ αποφασιστικά την εθνική κυριαρχία,
και να αγαπώ τη χώρα μου όπως αγαπώ τον εαυτό μου.


Foreign relations

After Hexasophy became the official ideology, Yusienia embarked on a foreign policy of permanent neutral, pursue a peaceful foreign policy, refuse the use of force, and refrain from participating in any military blocs and alliances. Yusienia develop friendly and mutually beneficial relations with micronations all around the world, and comprehensively and effectively develop international relations through various forms of cooperation.

Yusienia is a member of the Mediterranean Cooperation Council and the Augusta Accord. Yusienia had negotiated to join GUM in December 2021 and was granted observer status, but after the Black February, Yusienia withdrew from observer status and gave up joining.

Yusienia's reputation in the MicroWiki community is polarized. Some people speak highly of Yusienia, but there are also many influential members who criticize Yusienia.

Unilateral recognition

Bilateral Recognition

Diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial or ministerial level:

Only bilateral recognition:

  • Phesoca (28 December 2020 / 29 December 2020)
  • Bartonia (24 March 2021 / 25 March 2021)

Visa Policy

When there are no festivals or other events in Yusienia's de facto control zone, the borders are open to anyone, as there are no very valuable items inside. When there are festivals and other events, visitors need entry permits, which are usually reserved one month to half a year in advance. Visa-free entry for some countries and regions, these are: Caelesta, Huai Siao, Salanda, Ladonia, Snagovia, Greece, Italy, Vatican, San Marino, Malta, Cyprus, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Lebanon, Armenia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Wa State, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Serbia Tongues, Cape Verde, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Canada, Cuba, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, New Zealand. People from these countries or regions only need to make an appointment to visit. If a citizen from micronation is a cat or a dog or a sheep or a pony or a plush toy, or other animals recognized by Yusienia, they can visit at any time without permission.

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  1. As chancellery and cultural language.