United tiktok states of Tuceria

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United tiktok states of Tuceria
Verenigde tiktokstaten van Tucerië (Dutch)
Vereenigde tiktok-stoaten van Tucerië (Twents)
23 December 2022–23 February 2023
Flag of the United tiktok states of Tuceria
Coat of arms of the United tiktok states of Tuceria
Coat of arms
Map of the Tucerian states on a map of The Netherlands
Map of the Tucerian states on a map of The Netherlands
LocationEnschede, The Netherlands
Official languagesDutch, Twents
Ethnic groups
  • 100% not researched
  • 100% not researched
GovernmentTiktok Republic
• President
Mats I
LegislatureDe Jura parliament
De Facto Dictatorship
• Independence
23 December 2022
• Declaring as an republic, later going into the Kingdom of Tuceria
23 February 2023
• Established
23 December 2022
• Disestablished
23 February 2023
• Total
22 km2 (8.5 sq mi), Estimation, not counted.
• Estimate
Calling code+31
Internet TLD.nl
Preceded by
Succeeded by
The Netherlands
Kingdom of Tuceria

The United tiktok states of Tuceria (Short: UTST or Tucerian States) was an nation in the Dutch region Twente. It existed from 23 December 2022 to 23 February 2023, but it only existed on the popular social media platform tiktok, so it didn't really exist in real life. when the Republic and later the Kingdom of Tuceria was founded. It existed of three provinces, that later, in the Kingdom of Tuceria, would turn into five.


When Mjg, the owner of the tiktok channel Mjg27, started this nation on 23 December 2022, the channel had about 100 followers. With the help of the new micronation Tuceria (UTST), it grew to around four hunderd and fifty. Two months later, Mjg (or Mats I of Tuceria) realised that this nation could have an future in the real life, he began his own republic, and two days later the Kingdom of Tuceria.

Politics and Government

The state was ruled by Mats I. It was an republic, but because there was nobody to become president, it was de facto an dictatorship. Because there was not really anything to rule over (Only the tiktok page), there was not such thing as an governement.


Ministry of of the preservation of the tiktok account

Ministry established to protect and preserve the tiktok channel of the account. The minister is, like all functions, Mats I.

Ministry of national organization

Ministry established for everything that happened in UTST. But, because the country de facto didnt exist in real life, there was not really much to do. The minister is Mats I.

Geography and climate

See: Kingdom of Tuceria


See: Kingdom of Tuceria


See: Kingdom of Tuceria

Administrative regions

The former provinces.

Green: Buildings
Red: town halls
Flag Name Area Population Officials town hall city Province code Later divided in
1 North 7 km2 (estimation) 2220 Mats I Lonneker NT North • Capital district
2 Central 6 km2 (estimation) 1300 Mats I Enschede CT Central
3 South 9 km2 (Estimation) 17480 Mats I Enschede ST East Enschede • West Enschede

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