Twents (Language)

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Twents (Tucerian)
Twents/ Tuceriaans (Dutch)
Native speakers
Official status
Official language in
 Kingdom of Tuceria
Glanebrug United Kingdom of Glanebrug
Language codes
ISO 639-3TUC

Twents, Twentish or Tucerian is an dialect/language spoken in the Dutch region Twente (Including Tuceria and Glanebrug). It is not commonly used, but it has an special status for mostly older people in twente.


The pronounce is as Dutch, but it is with longer vowel pronounces. It is not very different from Dutch, but it's recognized as a regional language. The Nedersaksian dialects are mostly referred to as Plat (Flat in Dutch). Every town or city in Twente has its own local version of twents.


Aproximately 62% of the Tuccers can speak Twents.[1] On the Tucerian and Glanebrugger territories, the Enschedese variant of Twents is most spoken.


Dutch writes some words very different than you would speak them. In Twents, most words are written as they are pronounced.

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