Mats I of Tuceria

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His majesty
Mats I Red-Eanske of Tuceria
King and president of the Kingdom of Tuceria

Coat of arms of Mats I
King of Tuceria
Tennure 25 February 2023 – present
Coronated 25 February
President of Tuceria
In office:
23 December 2022 – 23 February 2023 (UTST)
23 February 2023 – present (Kingdom of Tuceria)
King Mats I
Born Enschede, The Netherlands
Birth name Mats Jan G
Citizenship  Tuceria
Nationality  Netherlands
Ethnicity Dutch/Twents
Political party Left Peoples Party
Home town Enschede, The Netherlands
Cabinet M I
Religion Atheist

Mats I of Tuceria is the king and president of Tuceria. He also known under the name Mjg27 and has an Tiktok channel about maps and his micronation Tuceria.

Titles and names


Since Tuceria became an kingdom on 25 February 2023, Mats was the king. He and his family will be the Tucerian Royal house for their whole life or when the Kingdom of Tuceria stops existing.

Coat of arms

Mats has its own coat, like every member of the Tucerian Royal house. it is the basics of an royal Tucerian coat of arms, but it has an white wolf on it, a symbol for Mats.


Mats became president with his party, the Left Peoples party. The Left Peoples party is the only party in Tuceria, because Tuceria only counts six members, who are all in the LPP. He will be president until the next elections on 23 February 2025, but he can be chosen again.

List of titles

Former titles