2022 Alsane federal election

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2022 Alsane federal election

← N/A 10 December 2022 - 17 December 2022 2023 →
Votes counted
as of 2 May 2023 UTC+8
Candidate James L (IND) Jasmine Carroll unaff. Fan Breadfold (IND)

The first Alsane federal election was held from 10 December 2022 to 17 December 2022, electing the federal members of the Alsane Federal Council. It was both the first election in Alsane history and the first federal election. It used approval voting, where each voter could select as many candidates as they wish. It was also the first national referendum in Alsann, putting forward 5 questions on the topics of flag and crest design, national symbols and methods of voting. The next scheduled election was the 2023 Alsane regional election, and the next federal election the 2023 Alsane federal election.

Two seats were put up for election, those of Ithyca and Capis[a]. These were competed for by three candidates: James L, Jasmine Carroll and Fan Breadfold. Their campaigns set Alsane precedent, and all participated in a debate which was ultimately not publicly released. James L won the election, followed by Fan Breadfold and trailed by Jasmine Carroll at votes of 6:5:4. James L and Fan Breadfold were thus pronounced victors of the election and were given the seats of Southwater and Capis respectively.


  1. Also cited as Southwater and Capis or Ithyca and Southwater