2023 Alsane regional election

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2023 Alsane regional election

← N/A 27 May 2023 – 3 June 2023 2024 →
Votes counted
as of 3 June 2023 UTC+8
Candidate H Norman Mackenzie Arra
Alliance Military Coalition (Alsann) Green Coalition (Alsann)

The 2023 Alsane regional election was a cancelled election in the Alsann Republic, intended to elect the regional members of the Alsane Federal Council. It was to be Alsann's first regional election, and its second election overall. It was to use approval voting, where each voter could select as many candidates as they wish, as confirmed by the 2022 Alsane federal election. It would also have put forward 5 questions in a second referendum, on topics of government titles, national symbols, state honours and design alterations. The next scheduled election was the 2023 Alsane federal election, and the next regional election the 2024 Alsane regional election.

The election was postponed by almost a month before being cancelled just short of its start date. It eventually resulted in the resignation of former Premier Ozren C, sparking the 2023 Alsane constitutional crisis which is yet to be resolved. The seats of Aeonia, Kersika and Flinders were supposed to be up for election, the three regional seats in the Federal Council. The serving members for Kersika and Aeonia had their term extended by a year, while a by-election was scheduled for the empty seat of Flinders with the 2023 Alsane federal election.


Following the Alsane Silence, where Alsann ceased public movement for four months, the Officer-General announced the regional election on 2 May 2023[1] The three incumbent candidates, as well as a few others, were contacted about the possibility of running. By 17 May 2023, the only candidates were Mackenzie Arra contesting Kersika and H Norman contesting Aeonia, both incumbents. It was at this point the election was postponed to allow for greater contention. On 26 May, the government announced the election would begin the next day, hoping this would spark a new interest, though this venture failed. To 1 September 2023, the elections have not yet been officially cancelled, however the general messaging of the government indicates this to be the case.

On the election's intended conclusion of 3 June 2023, the Officer-General contacted the incumbent Flindersian official, Premier Ozren C. It was this interaction that led to the former Premier's resignation effective immediately, which swiftly demonstrated both the inactivity issues in Alsann and the constitutional gaps of the nation[2]. To 1 September 2023, no replacement has yet been announced.

Following the election and Ozren C's resignation, it was determined the incumbents for Kersika and Aeonia would remain for another year having been the only candidates. Afterward, there were multiple proposed solutions to Alsann's constitutional issues. The prevailing, currently being processed, is a referendum. The referendum, designed to be a midyear democratic process, would seek to grant temporary powers of appointment to the Officer-General, before Flinders' scheduled by-election in November 2023. It would also nominate several other questions to be voted on by the populus. Following failure to sit the Alsane Federal Council, the referendum is to be held with the 2023 Alsane federal election[3]. The questions, confirmed by the election announcement, regard political parties, emergency powers, new national symbols and constitutional convention.


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