Treaty of Universal Non-Aggression

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Treaty of Universal Non-Aggression
Treaty pic.png
Created 22 June 2009
Authors Wilhelm I, of New Europe
Signers Flagv3.png Empire of New Europe
Commerusia.png Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
Murrayfield flag 3.png Socialist Republic of Murrayfield
New Scientopian Flag.png New Scientopia
Reunionfl.gif Holy Empire of Reunion
FlagofSandus.png The Peoples' State of Sandus
Larger flag.png Democratic Duchy of Francisville
Flag stcharlie.png Federal Republic of St.Charlie

 Empire of Austenasia

Purpose To effectively reduce war or conflicts between G.U.M. members.

The Treaty of Universal Non-Aggression was a peace agreement between the Empire of New Europe and Democratic People's Republic of Erusia that formally ended the New Euro-Erusian War. It is also a non-aggression treaty between various members of the Grand Unified Micronational who have pledged not to wage war against those who sign it. The Grand Unified Micronational Justice Commission officially declared it would find the treaty legally binding on all parties who signed it as of 11 September 2009, bringing the treaty into formal effect in the eyes of the GUM-JC. However, the treaty expired on 28 July 2013.

The treaty was originally proposed by New Europe during a routine G.U.M. session as an attempt to end or at least prevent any further major MicroWiki conflicts from occurring. The proposal failed when Erusia refused to sign it. They refused because they stated they "will not engage in any treaty that involves New Europe".

Upon the closing of the war, tensions between the two finally settled and New Europe once again proposed the treaty. Erusia agreed and it became the peace treaty as well as a non-aggression proposal.