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Trián was one of the shortest lived SanderNations. Its brevity can be linked with its transformation into the Theocracy of Mediterranea, which occured in September, 2003.

National Anthem

Oh, Trián, oh peaceful land of plenty,
Oh, mighty land of gold;
A nation founded to be prosperous;
In commerce, Trián shall excel!

At times it may seem we are beaten,
And we may feel the urge to give up.
But through the dark times we shall persevere,
And with jubilant voices shall sing:

Oh, Trián!
Oh, Trián!
Long may you prosper!
Our hearts, which beat forever proudly,
In Trián we shall invest!

Now, peacefully we trade with others,
A profit we shall make;
Our businesses shall ever strengthen
Abundant in trivén!

But sometimes our peacetime is threatened,
And danger approaches our land;
Trián shall not ever be conquered,
And Triánis forever shall sing:


Together, we shall forge a nation,
A nation just and free,
Uphold our glorious constitution,
United, Trián shall succeed!

But some, they may try to deceive us;
Our freedom they may try to steal!
But Triánis, unite against them,
In Trián shall freedom prevail!


An MP3 recording of this anthem is available here

Notable Citizens

- Sander Dieleman- Founder

- Andrew Washburn (Earl AW)

- Lachlan Powers

- Johanns V

- Hoefensfill

- Andrew White (Aveng)


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