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UJabarie was a clan created by a group of students at Grove Primary, Claremont, Cape Town, which would remain their territory. The clan functioned in a tribe like system. The clan was started in late 2009, with Bulelani Ngqukuvana as elected leader. Each member had to pass an initiation ritual involving being struck by a tennis ball within a school sock. Before hearing about this, many were enthusiastic to join.


Within the clan, those who persevered through the pain were given ranks and privileges. Chief Bulelani, later known as Mulzan, was the leader, with Dahraan “Skwonz” du Toit at second and Daniel “Danny Boy” September at third. Rank was decided through ritualised combat and climbing skills, as a high ‘nest’ in the UJabatree (a large evergreen on the school grounds) meant high rank. Military training was rigorous and serious, with hand-to-hand combat being main priority. Ranged and melee combat with weapons was also trained, though not to the same level. The thing most members looked forward to was the partying. Every Thursday at around 3 PM, the members would converge at the UJabatree and share snacks. These were also times when the top three would discuss plans. Much of the spare time was taken up sharpening weapons or training. To every member under rank of Third it was compulsory to join the military.

UJabarie included some of the best craftsmen in the area. Their weapons varied from simple blunt sticks to crossbows to metal tipped darts to rock edged spears and daggers.

Important Individuals

Though few were unhappy with his leadership, Chief Mulzan, The First, was esteemed in his wisdom. The UJabarie clan was well acquainted with the plants on the school grounds, which they used to treat wounds like cuts. A lot of clan life was centred on nature, with UJabarie claiming most rights to the seasonal fruits on the grounds, which were shared between members equally. After a mock battle with a rogue gang including Jaime and Ebrahim, Mulzan was promoted to rank of King after a serious battle was avoided.

While Skwonz, The Second, was absent from that battle, he was often at the strategic table. He acted as leader when Mulzan was unavailable, though he never had the drive Mulzan had and most operations under his rule were pre-planned by Mulzan. He was often at or near the head of gathering operations and temporarily took King Position after miraculously defeating Mulzan. His main task was that of law-giver and one of his obligations was to report unrest or signs of betrayal to Mulzan, an obligation which wasn’t met well by Qaasim “Sima” Hendricks, who was angered by Mulzan’s absence at critical occasions such as the building of the base in mid 2010.

The Third was Danny Boy, a skilled climber and enthusiastic member, he was pivotal in the building process. He was dedicated and came very often; he was a loyal member of the army, leader of squad two, after Mulzan.


Due to pressure from lower ranked members and acknowledgment of skill, Skwonz stepped down to Third with Daniel moving up to Second in 2010. That same week, Jared “Jweedle” Hockey moved up to Fourth to replace Sima. Yet another change that week took was the inclusion of the Fourth in the leader privileges, including battling the current King for his title. This upset Sima greatly, causing him to unsuccessfully fight Jweedle, before defecting soon after the departure of Rivaldo “Crusher” Alves.

UJabarie was always combat ready, but the battles were few. However, this militant training lends itself to punishment. Acts of disobedience were not often, as Mulzan was greatly feared. However, those few who were disobedient would face five smacks with a stick to the hindquarters. Other punishments included being beat up by the entire clan or even exile.


No one quite knows why UJabarie ended, but many members would’ve liked to have regrouped in the months to follow. The group officially dissolved in mid 2012.