United Democratic Republic of Mackinac

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The United Democratic Republic of Mackinac is a micronation in North America. It is bordered by the United States, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron.

Mackinac Flag.pngFlag Coat of arms of United Republic of Mackinac.pngCoat of Arms

Motto: "Stand strong, live free"

Anthems: "Imagine", "Working Class Hero"


Engadine, Capital District

Largest Collectivity

Chippewa Terrirory

Official Languages





Democratic Socialist Republic


John Kaloz (L)

Deputy Governor

Jack Mixter (L)

Last Election

Next Election




May 12, 2016

Area Claimed

5 703 square miles


56 264 (2017)



US Dollar (USD, $)

Mackinac Dollar (RMD, $)

Time Zone

-6 UTC (DRM does not use daylight savings time)

Internet domain





State Website



In 2016, Governor Kaloz formed the United Democratic Republic of Mackinac as a peace seeking nation, and a country where the citizens can have all their rights, equality, and live what was supposed to be the American dream. He first declared independence on May 12, 2016, and wrote the declaration of independence. He then joined forces with Deputy Governor Mixter, and they signed the declaration, sealing the independence. They then proceeded to fly the first national flag on the date of full independence, July 16, 2016, and declared that date to be flag day, as Independence day was marked already as May 12. Kaloz declared himself as governor of the nation, and Mixter as the deputy governor.


When the United Democratic Republic of Mackinac was originally formed, it only contained the Engadine Capital District, and went by the name of the Engadine Republic. Soon, President Kaloz decided to expand his territory, claiming the Townships of Garfield, Hudson, and Hendricks for the nation (merged as Garfield), on June 13, 2016. The current townships were referred to as districts of the nation, then.

He soon decided to claim the west half of Michigan's Mackinac County, and then declared the country's second name, the Republic of West Mackinac. This contained the districts of Garfield, Portage, and Newton. He then declared the nation to contain all of Mackinac County, and granted Vice President Mixter the eastern half of the country. They soon decided to merge the country as one and not have it split up between halves of the government.

When Vice President Mixter declared his previously dormant nation as active again, and he decided to expand his territory to take the northwestern part of Michigan's upper peninsula, but then decided to cede Houghton County back to the United States. They decided they wanted to border each other, and that Mackinac should border Canada, for help with refugees. Because of this decision, President Kaloz declared Luce and Chippewa counties as territories of Mackinac.


  • 56 259 (2013)
  • 55 338 (2015)
  • 56 264 (2017)

National Symbols

National Flower

  • Iris

National Food

  • Pasty

National Bird

  • Golden Eagle

National Beverage

  • Wine

National Condiment

  • Maple Syrup

National Tree

  • Sugar Maple

National Metal

  • Copper

National Holidays

  • Thanksgiving - March 20
  • Independence Day - May 12
  • Flag Day - July 16
  • Negaunee Independence Day - July 17
  • Negaunee Remembrance Day - September 17
  • Governor's Day - July 28


The United Democratic Republic of Mackinac has 9 townships (acting the same as states do in the United States), 2 territories, and a capital district.

  • Engadine Capital District
  • Portage
  • Newton
  • Garfield
  • Moran
  • Brevort
  • St. Ignace
  • Marquette
  • Clark
  • Bois Blanc
  • Luce Territory
  • Chippewa Territory

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Flags Through Mackinac History