United Kingdom of Bazzillia

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Anthem: For Bazzillia (simlar to For Humanytarian
Official languagesBazzillian

The former United Kingdom of Bazzillia or Bazzillia was a absolute monharcy ran by Kingo V of Bazzillia. The country was founded when the current leaders of Humanytaria wanted to exercize creativity into a fictional nation. The foundations for this project was a fictional football league known as MUFA (Made Up Football League), a map and hand-written monthly newspaper which outlined the key sporting events taking place in the country. With the success of Bazzillia, the 'Kingo' founded several other fictional nations most notably 'Zurichh', 'Bannillia', 'Bookington' (now a region in Llnuntynia, Humanytaria), 'Foxton' and 'Britus'.


Bazzillias national food is the classic shipershnitzel which is a large frankfurter wrapped in potato powder. Bazzillia do have a fictional broadcasting company known as EJ or FRTV.